From top : Cory Thole expounds on liver flukes at the Liars’ Contest at the Eagles Hall; Billy Strasser and Michael Catsi chuck that chicken to win a great prize; Jared Henley, Jeff Christian, Drew Whitton, and Cory Thole haul the fire truck to victory; Erik Nalan and Adelita Nalan get friendly with the Easter Bunny at the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Hanousek Park on Easter. Dimitra Lavrakas photos

Windfest Tournament and Feats of Skill Winners

Ping Pong Tournament
Sponsored by Don Hather
1. Cierra Hahn
2. Paige Hahn
3. Jestine Ellis
4. Amanda Jensen

Jr. High/High School
1. Lachlan Dennis
2. Trevor VonHouten

1. Don Hather
2. Mark Jennings
3. Jon Sky

1. Mark Jennings/Don Hather
2. Jon Sky/Nicki Hahn
3. Les Fairbanks/Betty Hather
(A big thanks to the Elks Lodge for their support and the prizes awarded and thank you to all the participants.)

Liars Contest
Sponsored by Skagway News Co.
1. Dave Lama – “Marsupial butt-pockets”
2. Cory Thole – “Liver flukes”
3. Terese Connolly – “Skagway Chronicle”
Sucker of the Year: Tammy Cochran

Fire Truck Pull
Sponsored by Beckner & Family
1. The Tim Bourcy Experiment
Cory “The Tight Spot” Thole
Drew “Sweet Potato” Whitton
Jeff “Sister” Christian
Jared “The Ox” Henley

International Paper Airplane Contest
Sponsored by Wings of Alaska

Most Acrobatic
1. Shawn Landers
2. C.C. Hawn
3. Tyler Forester

Time Aloft
1. Alex VanHouten
2. Tyler Forester
3. Trevor from Whitehorse

Most Aerodynamic
1. Lowell from Whitehorse
2. Jake Henricksen
3. Josh Cotton

Chicken Chuck
Sponsored by Bruce Schindler
1. Drew Whitton & Jarod Henley
2. Michael Catsi & Billy Strasser
3. Brian Beckner and Max Carlson
4. Caitlyn Surdyk & Jake Henricksen

More photos from this year's chilly Easter Egg Hunt at Hanousek Park