A Hambone runner rounds first base. HJB

Hawaiian Delights bring sun to Skagway

After three days of games, the final day of Skagway’s 4th of July Co-Ed Softball Tournament July 5-7 brought out the best teams and the best weather.
Three Skagway teams, two from Whitehorse and one from Juneau competed in the tourney.
Following a win over the Skagway Vigilantes, the combined M & M’s - Hambones of Skagway went up against the Hawaiian Delights of Juneau in the championship finale.
The Hawaiian Delights happily went home with the first-place trophy and the M & M’s-Hambones stayed to enjoy the sun with their second-place trophy. The Delights won the championship, 11-10.
Third place was awarded to the Vigilantes of Skagway, fourth was awarded to Moe’s of Skagway, NuWay Crashers of Whitehorse took fifth and Canada Flooring Washouts of Whitehorse took sixth place.
In the round-robin portion of the tournament before the championship, in which all teams play each other, M & M’s-Hambones were 4-1 and the Hawaiian Delights 3-2.
Director of the tournament and M & M’s-Hambones team member Cindy O’Daniel said, “It went really well. Everyone was even keeled.”
O’Daniel, who puts the tourney together for the Skagway Softball Association, said she advertises all over to recruit teams, but it seems to be the same teams that play in the tournament year after year.
Tom and Kelly Selmer of the M & M’s Hambones said they will definitely play in the tournament next year. This year was Kelly’s third year and Tom’s first, however, he has been a sub in the past.
“Win or lose, we had a lot of games,” Tom Selmer said. from the Yukon.

(thru July 8)
Hambones 9-1
Red Onion 8-1
Chilkat Guides 6-4
Jackasses 6-4
Vigilantes 6-4
Moe’s 5-5
Smith’s Muggers 3-7
North Country 0-10

Skagway News Runaround Results
5K • July 4, 2002

1. Andrew Pierce, Skagway, 17:13 (overall and men’s winner); 2. Jake Heldstab, Tuolumne, Cal., 17:34 (boys winner); 3. John Speer, Newark, De., 18:08; 4. Curt Dodd, Skagway, 19:23; 5. Chas Dense, Juneau, 19:59 (men’s masters winner); 6. Jordan Kasler, Skagway, 20:17; 7. Greg Kasler, Beaverton, Ore. and Jeff Kasler, Skagway, 20:32; 9. Michael Spence, Seattle, 20:48; 10. Michael Catsi, Skagway, 21:20; 11. Michael Cartan, Nevada City, Cal., 22:17; 12. Robert Townsend, Sun Princess, 22:47; 13. Alex Prichard, Fairbanks, 23:12; 14. Bruce Noble, Skagway, 23:51; 15. Karen Ray, Seattle, 23:56 (women’s winner); 16. Andy Fronde, Sun Princess, 23:58; 17. Larry and Kristi Mutter, Statesboro, Ga., 24:17; 19. Mike Korsmo, Skagway, 24:30; 20. Larissa Hass, Calgary, 24:37; 21. Angela Larson, Fairbanks, 25:27; 22. Amy Roduner, Berkely, Cal., 25:40; 23. Thada Dhan, Sun Princess/Nepal, 26:40; Dayton, Whitehorse, 27:20.