Cross-country team setting winning pace

The Skagway cross-country team is running at a good clip for region honors and a trip to the State meet in Palmer two weeks from now.
Against competition from all over Southeast Alaska, including 4A schools, sophomore Russell Bush finished in second place in races at Juneau and Ketchikan. Juneau’s Jesse Stringer was the only runner to beat Bush, who is now the favorite to win the 1A-2A-3A crown.
Freshman Kyle Mulvihill also shined with a 15th place finish in Juneau and an eighth place finish in Ketchikan. But if Bush and Mulvihill had been racing against just a small schools field, as they will be at Regionals, they would have finished one and two.
The boys team finished third among Southeast schools at both meets, and well ahead of their closest small schools competition.
Coach Gary Trozzo said all of the runners ran outstanding races.
“We’re very pleased with our results,” said Trozzo. “All the kids had great races and improved their times.”
For the girls, Crystal Ketterman ran a strong race in Juneau, but had breathing problems at the end of the Ketchikan race that dropped her from the top ten. As it was, Trozzo noted, three Skagway runners were in the top 15 among small schools and finished just six points behind Wrangell.
Trozzo is looking for another good meet from his kids this weekend in Skagway. Runners from Mount Edgecumbe, Haines and Juneau will join the Skagway teams on a new race course on the Dyea Road from the AB Mountain trailhead to Long Bay and back. The girls race begins at 11 a.m. Saturday, followed by the boys race at about 11:45 a.m.
This will be their final meet before the Region V meet in Sitka on Sept. 22.
“We hope to have a good run here and try to peak for regionals,” Trozzo said. “It’s there if they really want it.”

Team scores — 1. Juneau-Douglas, 30 points; 2. Ketchikan, 42; 3. Lake City (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho), 56; 4. Skagway, 122; 5. Yakutat, 140. Incomplete teams: Sitka, Craig, Klawock, Kake, Metlakatla.
Skagway finishers (first names not available for all runners) — 27. Crystal Ketterman, 25:12.63; 34. Candi Ketterman, 25:39.00; 37. Savannah Ames, 25:51.56; 40. Ashley Law, 25:57. 53. Colleen Ketterman, 28:42.56; 54. Jenny Sinka, 28:43.17; 60. Grace Blanchard, 30:49.21; 63. Kortney Grieser, 33:00.83.
Team scores — 1. Juneau-Douglas, 30 points; 2. Lake City (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho), 34; 3. Ketchikan, 95; 4. Skagway, 97; 5. Sitka, 124; 6. Kake, 169; 7. Metlakatla, 192. Incomplete teams: Yakutat, Craig, Klawock.
Skagway finishers: 2. Russell Bush, 17:59.33; 15. Kyle Mulvihill, 18:55.81; 28. John McCluskey, 19:51.05; 32. Jeremy Kilburn, 20:09.52; 33. Garrett Henry, 20:10.21; 41. Chris Shockley, 20:57.97; 48. Jerod Moore, 21:25.64; 49. Arlen McCluskey, 21:31.99; 63. Kyle Ellis, 22:28.95; 68. Max Jewell, 22:52.17; Clayton Harris, 23:28.08; Thomas Knorr, 25:03.93.

Team scores — 1. Juneau-Douglas, 25 points; 2. Ketchikan, 30; 3. Sitka, 129; 4. Wrangell, 133; 5. Mount Edgecumbe, 135; 6. Skagway, 139. Incomplete teams: Kake, Petersburg, Craig, Yakutat, Klawock, Metlakatla.
Skagway top finishers — 30. Ashley Law, 24:16; 32. Savannah Ames, 24:19; 33. Crystal Ketterman, 24:22; 46. Candi Ketterman, 26:37.
Team scores — 1. Juneau-Douglas, 19 points; 2. Ketchikan, 81; 3. Skagway, 100; 4. Wrangell, 137; 5. Sitka, 160; 6. Petersburg, 171; 7. Craig, 185; 8. Mount Edgecumbe, 192; 9. Kake, 200; 10. Metlakatla, 281. Incomplete teams: Yakutat, Klawock.
Skagway top finishers — 2. Russell Bush, 17:27; 8. Kyle Mulvihill, 18:06; 27. John McClusky, 18:57; 32. Jeremy Kilburn, 19:29; 34. Garrett Henry, 19:38.

• results from Skagway Invitational

U.S./Canada exchange saves local golf team

For the 10th time in as many years Skagway’s Mitch Snyder has formed a team to compete in the annual Whiskey Cup Golf Tournament in the Yukon.
The core of the Skagway team has only won three events over their Whitehorse opponents in the ten years, but that hasn’t kept them from entering every year.
“Usually we don’t even have a team that can compete,” Snyder said. “However this year we came up with the ‘exchange scoring system.’”
The system was underway after the first day of competition. The Skagway team was in the midst of a two man scramble and had almost played its way out of contention for the Cup. It was then after a night of negotiation that a deal had been struck and the new scoring system had been born.
The new scoring system mimicked the current state of the Canadian dollar. Each round was under match play rule, which means that every win is a point. But under the new rules, Skagway would get two points for each win.
After the new rules were in place Skagway began to play their best golf, at one point winning three matches in a row. That put them right back in contention.
“We played unbelievable,” said Snyder.
This year the team played with a larger team than normal. What was usually an eight man band of buddies turned into an 18 man posse. Playing for the team were: Mitch Snyder, Jim Seger, Dan Henry, Glenn Reed, Mark Jennings, Lee Hartson, Pete Grifford, Fred Boswell, Pat Mullen, John Tronrud, “Arizona” John, Mitchell Snyder, Justin Henry, Tim Sunday, Stan Selmer, Doak Walker, Greg Jones, and Bill Reasoner.
“We’re just a bunch of friends,” said Snyder, who shot a team low round of 85. Snyder added, “It’s one of the things ( golf) that I can still really compete in.”
With the alternate scoring system in place the Skagway team was able to take home the championship with an actual record of seven wins, nine losses and two ties.

Run for Anna raises more that $4,000
The Eagles raised $4,150 for Skagway resident Anna True’s medical expenses in a race Aug. 25. The Eagles presented the check to True at a gathering Sept. 6.
“Anna has given unimaginable amounts of time, energy and herself to the Skagway community,” race coordinator Beth Winslow wrote in a flier advertising the race. “She was really psyched, ... very appreciative and honored.”
The results of the three mile race are as follows: Men: 1. Phillip Clark, 2. Peter Jepsen, 3. Mark Lohnes. Women: 1. Jennifer Collins, 2. Joanie Hamilton, 3. Denise Sager
The results of the one mile race are as follows: Young men: 1. Gregory Hamilton. Young women: 1. Paige Hahn, 2. Kyli Hamilton, 3. Andrea Hamilton. – JC