Sack It To 'Em!

Showing no fear, these boys propelled themselves across the pavement during the sack race on Broadway on the Fourth of July. See more photos on the special Independence Day Page. Photo by Jennifer Collins

Rook team crowned 2001 tourney champs

Team Coke, an A-league team from Whitehorse, devastated the playing field in the 2001 Fourth of July Tourney. After going undefeated in round-robin play Coke thundered to its first tourney title.
Skagway’s Fourth of July Tournament closed a gap of 210 miles by attracting teams from Juneau to Whitehorse. Twelve teams competed in what league commissioner Cindy O’Daniel said was the toughest field to date for the annual softball tourney.
“It was a very good tournament,” said O’Daniel. “ It was the most competitive tournament we’ve had.”
With a full tourney field, games were put to a tight schedule and forfeits were commonplace throughout the weekend.
“They (teams) know the rules,” O’Daniel said. “ Everything was delayed, even the championship was started 45 minutes late.”
Two unknowns to Skagway battled it out for the championship, both from Whitehorse: Team Coke, a newcomer to the tourney, and team Sit Easy, a revamped squad that won the 2000 tourney under the name Young Guns. However it would take more then veteran savvy to hold off the rookie team from north of the border.
Coke put a dent in Sit Easy’s confidence right with the first at-bat when second baseman Rob Fahn blasted out a solo home run to knot the game at one run apiece. That was as close as Sit Easy would get.
With every inning Team Coke stretched a little bit ahead of Sit Easy. While Sit Easy pulled back after every crushing blow, the overwhelming number of Coke hits and the humid summer air began to affect their moral and performance.
In the sixth inning nine Coke base-runners reached home plate before recording the first out of the inning. Sit Easy managed to put together a late six-run, two-out rally in the sixth, but it fell short of expectations and only registered as a small tremor on the Team Coke “Richter scale.”
Team Coke would win one that was closer than it appeared, final score 16-14.
Skagway’s softball league was well-represented in the tournament. The league’s top four teams competed, but did not play up to their billing as three of the teams were K.O.-ed by the Canadian darkhorse team, A-1.
At least one team, the Master Batters are looking for vengeance in the up-coming Dustball Tournament in Whitehorse. They will play under the alias “ Skagway Hardware’s Nipples and Nuts”and will most likely merge with team PMS in order to beef up their middle lineup. That tournament will occur on the weekend of July 14th in Whitehorse.
Meanwhile the league will continue its season play. The league has gone through its mid-season split as teams in both divisions jockey for prime seeding in the year end playoffs.

A Whitehorse batter gets set to smack a pitch over the fence. Photo by Stan Bush

Russell Bush, 15, wins Skagway News Runaround

Russell Bush, a 15-year-old Skagway High student, won the 2001 Skagway News Runaround with a time of 16:52 over a new 2.8-mile course around historic Skagway.
Bush trailed local resident Phillip Clark the entire race, but Clark misinterpreted a course marker at 15th and Alaska, turning right instead of left to go around the school. Clark unfortunately had to be disqualified even though the distance wasn’t that much different. He finished about a minute ahead of Bush. The race will have a bicyclist lead the field in future events.
Bush was the overall and boys winner. Second place was men’s masters winner John Carroll of Edmonton, Alberta. Curt Dodd of Skagway was the top adult male finisher under age 45 in fifth place overall.
In tenth place was the women’s winner, Skagway News reporter Jenny Collins, with a time of 20:07. Masters women’s winner Linda Morgan of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. was 12th overall. Winners received gift certificates from Skaguay News Depot.
Here are all finishers and their times:

Russell Bush (Skg) 16:52, John Carroll (Alb.) 17:18, Hugh Connelly (Ont.) 17:52, Tony Fletcher (Ont./Sea Princess) 18:03, Curt Dodd (Skg) 18:53, Wayne Wojenoda (Eng./Sea Princess) 19:00, Jun Kinoshita (Skg) 19:07, Stan Bush (Skg) 19:26, Oliver Paul (Germ.) 19:51, Jennifer Collins (Skg) 20:07, Amber Bethe (Skg) 20:22, Linda Morgan (Fla.) 21:06, Rose Perotto (Skg) 21:22, Michael Catsi (Skg) 21:54, Phillip Hamilton (Ala.) 21:55, Betsy Wildenradt (Cal.) 22:04, Beverly Hefferman (Conn.) 22:05, Paula Shaver (Skg) 22:25, Cindy Gaddis (Skg) 22:34, Rebecca Slosberg (Skg) 23:10, Bruce Noble (Skg) 26:36, Lisa Turney (Colo.) 27:01, David Novick (Ohio) 27:50; and the Red Lantern team of Adam Howard (Cal.), Ted Van Bronkhorst (Skg), and Tove Pashkowski (Skg) with a time of 30:22.