Kyle Mulvihill paces small schools field

Members of the SHS cross-country team celebrate their victories after the Haines races.. - Photos by Jeff Brady

Skagway runner takes two X-C races

HAINES - Kyle Mulvihill has moved into the top spot among 1A-2A-3A Southeast Alaska runners after victories in Juneau and Haines, anchoring a Skagway boys team that hopes to repeat as region champ.
The Skagway girls, who barely beat Haines, also have a shot for a trip to State this year.
Mulvihill, who is just a sophomore, won the Haines Invitational last weekend. He took fifth overall among all Southeast runners in Juneau earlier this month with a blistering time of 17:53 over 3.1 miles. He is on pace to succeed Russell Bush, who moved from Skagway to California over the summer, as the 1A-2A-3A Southeast champ.
To do that, he has to win in Ketchikan on Sept. 28. where runners will be gunning for him.
Skagway coach Jeff Kasler said Mulvihill had a good test on the hilly Haines course, where he was pushed by the Glacier Bears’ Flint Allred. The Haines runner led Mulvihill up the first hill and for most of the first mile of a tough 3.2-mile course.
“I passed him coming down the hill, and he’d catch up,” Mulvihill said. “On the last hill, he said ‘I think you’re going to win this one.’”
Mulvihill put some distance between him and Allred in the final mile, winning by 23 seconds. Skagway runners finished in eighth, ninth, tenth and 15th place to score 43 points. A Juneau jayvee team took first with 33 points, and Haines, despite having the second and third best runners, finished third with 52.
The Skagway girls scored 44 points to Haines’ 46. Juneau, which had three very fast runners in first, second and fourth spots, did not have enough team members to score.
Candi Ketterman, in the third spot, led Skagway and impressed her coach. She has been running with the boys lately, and this pushed her to a better time, Kasler said.
What the team needs is for everyone to finish the race, he noted. In Juneau a runner had an asthma attack, and in Haines another runner had stomach cramps.
Kasler doesn’t think any Southeast 1A-2A-3A team can catch Wrangell, but he said his girls can compete with Craig and Petersburg for a shot at second.
“If we run to our fullest ability at regional, we could do it,” he said.
As for the boys, “it is theirs to lose,” he said. “The beauty of this team is our depth ... we can go six guys solid. We are in a good position, if we stay healthy, to have a great shot at defending our title.”
Panther senior Arlen McCluskey, walking off the Haines course, said it is great to be on a team of good sports.
The team skipped a Petersburg meet on the schedule this weekend, because it would have missed five days of school, and had only a couple days home before catching the ferry to regionals in Ketchikan.
Kasler thinks the break will help his team. He pushed them hard this week, including a run up to U.S. Customs, and will taper off their regimen next week as regionals approach.

Candi Ketterman of Skagway leads the pack of runners up the first hill in Haines as it snakes past an old gravel pit near the fairgrounds. Ketterman lost her lead but still finished third. - Photos by Jeff Brady

Girls - 1. Candee Craig (J-JV) 23:29; 2. Gretchen Dierking (J-JV) 24:18; 3. Candi Ketterman (S) 24:44; 4. Miceala Rodriguez (J-JV) 24:52; 5. Alix Goodman (H) 25:13; 6. Savannah Ames (S) 25:58; 7. Anne Hansen (H) 26:21; 8. Leah Moore (S-JV) 26:39; 9. Crystal Ketterman (S) 26:45; 10. Ginny ? (H) 27:16; 11. Coral Jacobson (H) 28:36; 12. Madeleine Nyhagen (S) 29:20; 13. Merrick Bochart (H) 33:51; 14. Michelle Harris (S) 35:24; Tiffanie Potter (S) DNF.

Boys (incomplete)- 1. Kyle Mulvihill (S) 19:06; 2. Flint Allred (H) 19:29; 3. Francois Deniaud (H) 19:51; 4. Quincy Judson (J-JV) 19:52; 5. Eric Gulletson (J-JV) 20:08; 6. William Horton (J-JV) 20:28; 7. Brian Smith (J-JV) 20:30; 8. Jeremy Kilburn (S) 20:35; 9. Jordan Kasler (S) 21:11; 10. John McCluskey (S) 21:11; 11. Grant Zwingelberg (J-JV) 21:24; 12. ??; 13. Tyler Eggen (H) 21:47; 14. ??; 15. Jerod Moore (S) 22:32; 16. James Billie (H) 22:50; 17. Arlen McCluskey (S) 23:41; 18. Kelly Huff (H) 23:44; 19. Kyle Ellis (S) 24:29; 20. -21. ??.

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Jan Tronrud drops in ace at Mt. View
They thought she had overshot the green.
Jan and John Tronrud were playing a quiet round of golf at the Mountain View course in Whitehorse on Aug. 25. After their tee shots on the par 3, number 5 hole, they walked all around the green looking for her ball.
“We couldn’t find it anywhere, so he went up to the hole to pull the pin for his putt,” she said. “and the cup kinked. He said, ‘here’s your ball!’”
There were no other witnesses, and that’s just fine.
“It was just the two of us,” she said. “It was a nice moment to share with John.”
To his knowledge, aside from Mitch Snyder, she is the only Skagway golfer to ace a hole in Whitehorse, John said the next day on the docks, where he was telling everyone about his wife’s feat.
Does this make her the ace woman golfer of Skagway? “I don’t think so,” Jan replied. “Don’t ask me what I shot on the next hole.”