"Heard on the Wind"

A woman called Dyea Dave’s Shuttle Service and said she and her husband were coming up from Juneau on a boat and understood Dave had a “Scuttle” service.
Dave said he responded that while he normally ran a shuttle service, he could probably diversify. He’s still waiting to hear back from her, as he hasn’t heard of any boats sinking recently.
A visitor registered a complaint that she had to move her vehicle from a downtown parking spot after an hour. She reasoned that people have to drive such a long distance to get here that we should be grateful they’re here and let them park wherever they want.
Some people were walking down Broadway and were overheard to say: “What’s that guy on the corner doing? Scalping tickets?”
And then these two last minute entries from Sept. 26:
“We can’t get CNN at our hotel. Is it because we’re surrounded by mountains?”
And from the line at the Post Office: “Are you sure this is the bank?”

That’s all for this column for now. Have a good winter, and keep your sense of humor alive.