Attention Skagway News Readers - This story was mistakenly left out of the March 29 issue. Our apologies to the organizers.

Free Health Fair on April 6
On April 6, 8 a.m.-noon at the Skagway Rec. Center, the Alaska Health Fair will provide you with free health screenings for blood pressure, vision, hearing and weight. Other health-related organizations and businesses will be on hand to motivate you towards better health practices or confirm you’re already doing a great job,
For $35, get your blood analyzed to learn your cholesterol level, blood sugar levels and iron levels and more. This test needs a 12-hour fast from food, but consumption of water is encouraged. Prescription medicine should be taken and diabetics should not fast.
For an additional $25, a prostate specific antigen blood test screens for prostate cancer, and is available for men over 50 or those with a family history of prostate disease.
Thyroid blood screening tests are also available for those who have been instructed by their health care provider to do so, women over 45 (or younger with a baseline test), people with a family history of thyroid problem, peopl wh are montoring a diagnosed thyroid proboem, and people with symptons of fatigue, unexplained weight gain and/or a swollen thyroid.
To add to the fair’s festivities, representatives from over 30 health organizations and businesses will be present.
For more information, call Chelsea Nilsen at 983-2679.