Local artist Jack Inhofe has created unique memorials in the shape of a headstone in honor of those who perished on Sept. 11. Made with American flags, they are polyurethaned onto wood, and are suitable for outdoor display. Here one is hung in Moe’s Frontier Bar. Inhofe hopes the design will become popular nationwide. DL


from the October 26, 2001 Skagway News

Be thankful for where we live

After Sept. 11, I started comparing where I live to what was happening in New York, Washington, Pakistan or Afghanistan. It put a lot of things in perspective.
So here are my top ten reasons for being thankful for living here.
1. A town that always comes together to help someone
2. Fresh air (at least at certain times of the year)
3. Good friends
4. Clean water
5. Northern Lights
6. Berries to pick
7. Beaches to comb
8. Mountains to climb
9. Long days and short nights at just the right time when you need them
10. Great city services for such a small community.
How about you? Let us know, and we’ll print them. – DL