O’D points the way to the bases for the T-ball kids. File photo

O’D wins Helen B. Clark award
John L. O’Daniel, known to most as “O’D”, was presented the 2001 Helen B. Clark Community Service Award at the annual Yuletide Ball.
O’Daniel, a two-time nominee, was the unanimous choice of the judging committee of past winners of the award.
The nominating statement for O’Daniel said the following: “John is a good father and a very active community leader. He works with the youth of the community in boundless and endless efforts with the Hoop Shoot, Soccer Kick, T-ball, Little League, plays softball with a community team, and helps out at the school when there is a need. He helps with fund-raisers for community needs for adults as well as the youth. he has served as past ER at the Elks and it won state and national awards during his reign.
“Besides the surface community efforts, many of his timeless and energetic deeds go unknown. He helps many of the elders in the community when they are in need. He never asks for thanks or a pat on the back. He is just always there when needed. I think this makes him the prime candidate for this award. It would be a good way to say thanks to a job well done.”
All of the T-ball age kids at the ball helped present the award to O’Daniel. The always humble O’D said all his volunteer work is just his way of “giving back to the community.”
The annual award is sponsored by The Skagway News Co. and was named for its first winner, the late Helen B. Clark, who was O’Daniel’s great aunt. – JEFF BRADY