The Sixth Annual Breast Cancer Walk, now named for Fran Delisle, this year raised a total of $13,474 for cancer screening and other costs associated with the disease, said Becky Jensen, coordinator for the Emblem Club.
The male revue raised $3,405, the silent auction, $4,700 and the walk itself, $5,369.
Jensen said Allison Wilson raised $1,200 on her own from sponsors for her walk, the most ever raised by and individual.

Top, the marchers line up in Dyea for the walk to Skagway. Above, Bruce Noble talks with Doug Hulk, Darlene and Carl Hoover, who every year do their own roving, four-wheeler aide stations for the walk. Below, Su Rappleye and Elaine Brummett donned angel wings to spruce up their aide station, and bottom, Paige Hahn and Tess Korsmo try to stay ahead of the front runners on their bikes.

Photos by Dimitra Lavrakas