Archived Top Stories: 2005

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• January 14, 2005: Skagway couple escaped tsunami; A Wonderful Life, Indeed: CPR students save teacher; Labor impasse threatens to tie up fast ferry, Mayor: 'totally unacceptable'; WP&YR, Carcross promote territorial tourism; Skagway team in Fulda Challenge; Skagway mushers in top 10; Don Hather Tourney coverage; Obituaries: Betty Herpst, Chuck Rapuzzi, Bernice Meroney.

• January 28, 2005: Fairweather yanked, Skagway down to two ferries a week; Juneau Access SDEIS released, favors road; Incubator business ide runs into permit problems; Fulda fanatics - Skagway team trains for Challenge; Lady Panthers sweep Hoonah, Braves boys too strong.

• February 11, 2005: Juneau Access hearing set for Feb. 24; Canada can no longer deliver for Skagway mothers; Skagway team pulls out of Fulda Challenge; Riding with the wind during Fulda hill climb;"Dream Quest" for Dyea dogs, musher Hugh Neff; Travel travails for Skagway hoop teams; Obituaries: Gordon Beitinger, Martin Kisel, Jr.

• February 25, 2995: Skagway loses Pat Moore to ALS; Kids win round two in great Skagway sugar debate; On the Yukon Quest trail; Girls rebound from first loss, Ski Club Jackrabbits pace caribou at Marsh Lake.

• March 11, 2005: 24-7: Skagway weighs in against road; Deal reached to bring back Fairweather; Neff takes 3rd in Quest; Hatching Skagway's future - the DIPAC debate; "Neander-Clause" wins ice sculpture raves; Lady Panthers clinch top seed; Skiers in Whitehorse.

• March 25, 2005: Legislature backs road alternative; DOT rejects request for comment extension; Skagway girls take fourth at State after winning second straight region title; Incubator business plans denied again; BSC schedule; Juneau Access editorial.

• April 8, 2005: Double exit from top staffers at clinic; CVB board allows director to leave for walk; School Board adopts budget without more cuts; Buckwheat Ski Classic results and photos; Connie Conard joins Alaska bowling hall of fame; Obituary: Joyce Sullivan.

• April 22, 2005: Public Safety Comm. drafts ordinance to regulate taxis, horse, pedicab, walking tours; New hatchery project spawns debate; Wells Fargo donation of clinic land completed; Skagway Tribal Council building named, AB Hall sticked; Ames all-state for second time, Pat Moore Memorial Gamefish Derby plans; Obituaries: Lorrie Cannon and George Villesvik.

• May 13, 2005: Pool estimate doubles; Logan, Jewell honored for saving life; AB Hall unveiled a day early; Passport countdown begins; The Princess and the Pea; Clean Sweep 2005; SHS Awards Night; Skaguay Alaskan Visitor Guide 2005.

May 27, 2005: Skagway loses best friend Jay Frey; Winter ferry experiment will take Fariweather from Lynn Canal; Weekly World News scoops Skagway News; Skagway becomes bio-terror training ground for day; WP&YR steams toward another record year; Class of 2005 Graduation; Fish This returns and Wrestlemania.

June 10, 2005: Rep. Thomas calls for Taylor's dismissal; Tour companies force seawalk review; Dr. Dickens signs on for three more years; Fuel supplier changes pricing structure; Mill rate lowered after budget meeting, taxes still higher; Cancer walk raises $14,000; Little League and Softball; Wind.

June 24, 2005: Loaded weapon seized; Reworked seawalk design approved by city, tour companies; Backtracking on ferry plans; Skagway Mailing Center opened by SDC; 4th of July schedule; Fish This!; Yukon River Quest and Kluane-Chilkat Bike Relay previews; Obituary: Barbara Elliott; Wind.

July 8, 2005: Architects begin shaping clinic; RV homes prompt proposed city zoning changes; new shredder in action; woman survives 50-foot fall; 4th of July photos; Yukon River Quest memoir of a 15-year-old river racer; Skagway cycling team wins KCIBR division, Trappers take 4th Tourney; Wind, Obituary: Denison.

July 22, 2005: State releases Juneau Access comment analysis; Haines coach plans 92-mile protest swim; Housing a problem for incoming teachers; Two fires in two days; Dyea Dave forced to change run to Chilkoot Trail; Octagenarian conquers Chilkoot; Vigilantes fall in Dustball finale; Pat Moore Memorial Game Fish Derby preview; Wind; Obituary: A. Rohlf.

August 12, 2005: No road from Skagway; Protest swim to Juneau a safe success; Canadian firm interested in coal shipments; Engine 69 arrives; NPS electric van; Fish and Flowers weekend; RBI repeats as softball champs, Skagway runners take Yukon Trail Marathon divisions; Wind.

August 26, 2005: DNR nixs rifle range, AMG awarded 10-year lease; Eight new jewelry stores add to jewelry culture; Smuggler's Cove to remain quiet; Candidate slate fills for Oct. 4 election; Flower Show photos and results; Fjord Fest preview; Successful Pat Moore Memorial Game Fish Derby; Fish This asks 'Where are you from?", Wind.

September 9, 2005: National Historic Landmard was the factor in road decision; Skagway responds to calls for aid from Katrina victims; Vintage newspapers removed from Moore Cabin for restoration; Fjord Fest photos; Klondike Road Relay and cross-country previews; Editorial on road decision; Wind.

September 23, 2005: City Election Forum, Court favors Skagway in borough appeal; Tourism director ready to walk; More than $13,300 raised for Katrina victims; "Morgan Reed Pass" sign goes up 40 years after road start; Klondike Road Relay; Cross-country meet; Final dose of wind.

October 7, 2005: Election results: Bourcy defeats Brena, pool prop. fails; WP&YR breaks 430,000 for new record; Hurricane Katrina changes lives for those there, those who want to help: Sister Judy salvages faith from flood-devastated home, Skagway man signs up for Red Cross deployment; Ketterman earns third trip to State; One last cast of Fish This for season; Box of Rocks times.

October 21, 2005: Senator Murkowski visits; State asks judge to reconsider LBC ruling; Skagway wins ATIA 2008 convention; Slimmer school food program returns; Windy Valley Boys; Hazmat drill photo; Intramural hoops and wrestling.

November 11, 2005: Public reacts postively to new clinic concept; Railroad sale or restructure?; What's up with the dock; Boundary Commission bounding Skagway's mission?; Paws and Claws facility improvements;Wrestling; Path to better trails.

November 23, 2005: LBC gives city until end of year, 'harbors no hostility'; Hatchery proposal spawned, NSRAA offers $1.5 million for operation; DOT dance card shuffles ferries, money; Fulda to stay in Yukon for 2006 event; Wasmer wins state EMS award for saving wife; Rare bird spotted as Christmas Bird Count approaches; Volleyball round-up; Boyd Worly J-High Tourney shots and stats; Yuletide invite.

December 9, 2005: Thanksgiving week brings record rains; Mero musters cast of 40 for "Christmas Toy Shop"; Coal venture would create 250 Yukon jobs, WP&YR focuses on port interest; Volleyball off to State, Wrestlers finish season.

December 21, 2005: State/NPS still after Chilkoot land swap; Hathers wind Helen B. Clark award; $1 million more for seawalk, Hamilton low bidder; Clinic money in state budget; Skagway in December 1905; Harlem Ambassadors of fun; State volleyball and SHS basketball preview; Yuletide photos.

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