Alpine Club wakens from hibernation

New members of the Alpine Club pose at the AB Hall. - Photo by Mark Larsen

Something old has now become something new in greater Skagway. The Alpine Club, an outdoor recreation group, has been revived through the efforts of local resident Jeremy Simmons and others.
Originally known as the Tuesday Club, this organization served as the recreation hub for the Upper Lynn Canal in the late 1910s all the way through the early 1930s when it was dispersed and erased from local record. The rapidly growing club had purchased land on the western end of the Skagway River which is now known as Yakutania Point.
“The club’s initial goal was to purchase 250 acres of that land if the city would have allowed it,” said Simmons.
The success of the club was not only on the outskirts of the town. The Alpine Club started a flower festival in Skagway and was one of the first organizations interested in bringing tourism to the community.
The revival meeting, held on Jan. 23, was exactly 85 years to the day when the Alpine Club was originally formed. The club also reinstated the original registration fee of one dollar. That is until April 20.
The club has already taken some big first steps. Splitting into separate committees, the club is planning activities for the coming year and also is volunteering their expertise to the city, helping with the new trail system. This non-profit organization is eligible for several trail grants and hopes to be involved in the community, as the club was the first time around.
“The original club served many different purposes,” Simmons said. “Those came from the need of the community. We look to address the needs of today’s community and most of all we’re here to have a lot of fun.”
Anyone interested in the club should leave a message at The Mountain Shop. The club’s next meeting is April 29.