Dana Stabenow gives the keynote address at Poppies Restaurant at Jewell Gardens.

Sherry Simpson and Art Chance talk about brothels with a Red Onion madame. Conference participants enjoy their own WP&YR train car on the ride to Bennett and Carcross.

Buckwheat Donahue and Dana Stabenow at a lookout above Lake Bennett.


Kaylene Johnson, Nick Jans and Dave Hunsaker check out artifacts along the shore of the One Mile River between Lake Bennett and Lake Lindeman.

Dana meets fan Bea Lingle of Skagway after the train arrives in Carcross, Yukon.

Peggy Shumaker, Kaylene Johnson and Kim Heacox exchange books to sign at Skaguay News Depot & Books , while Nita Nettleton and Adromeda Romano-Lax talk about writing with Skagway News reporter Katie Emmets.

Jeff Brady reads about Skagway characters from one of his Lynn Canal Publishing titles. Kaylene, Nick and Alaska Magazine editor Tim Woody talk about the Sarah Palin phenomena in a panel discussion at the Presbyterian Church.

Chilkoot hikers are led up the hill by Tim Woody, and the group looks good floating down the river in rafts from Chilkat Guides.

The group gathers in AB Hall for a final discussion on what everybody is working on.

Nick Jans thanks conference organizers at the wrap-up dinner at Poppies.

Nick Jans, Kim Heacox, Dan Henry and Dan Davidson serenade the symposium at Jewell Gardens.