Championship Action

Haines' Stoli Lende drives the baseline in her team's 73-43 win over Sitka, and Klawock's Sean Hall puts a shot up inside against Northway in a thrilling 63-61 overtime win. See scores from all games and award winners below. Photos by Jeff Brady

2009 Don Hather Basketball Tourney

First Round Games/Results - Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2009


Klawock 84, Tok 20

Northway 62, Skagway 43

Hoonah 73, Sitka JV 52

Juneau JV 57, Haines JV 15


Klawock 53, Tok 38

Skagway 59, Northway 36

Haines 58, Juneau JV 26

Sitka JV 50, Hoonah 26

Second Round Games/Results - Thursday, Jan. 22, 2009


Consolation SitkaJV 92, Tok 15

Consolation Skagway 48,. Haines JV 42

Semifinal Northway 68,. Juneau JV 57

Semifinal Klawock 85, Hoonah 63


Consolation Northway 50,. Juneau JV 35

Consolation Tok 48, Hoonah 31

Semifinal Sitka JV 49, Klawock 35

Semifinal Haines 52, Skagway 42

Final Round Games/Results - Friday, Jan. 23, 2009


7h place consolation Haines JV 51, Tok 31

5th place consolation Skagway 63, Sitka JV 43

3rd Place Juneau JV 71, Hoonah 46

Championship Klawock 63, Northway 61 OT


7th place consolation Juneau JV 47, Hoonah 26

5th place consolation Northway 42, Tok 34

3rd place Skagway 57, Klawock 35

Championship Haines 73, Sitka JV 43


All Tourney: Randy Demit, Nortway; Krisham Geise, Hoonah; Ryan Armour, Klawock; Sean Hall, Klawock; Lucas Nutting, Northway; VJ Carlos, Sitka; Tyler Swinton, Haines; Thomas Etue, Skagway.

Team Sportsmanship: Hoonah

Three-point contest: Ryam Armour, Klawock (19)

Free throw contest: Gregory Wright, Hoonah


All Tourney: Jesse Ellis, Skagway; Fran Daly, Haines; Rachel Busse, Klawock; Kaycie Dodson, Sitka; Amanda Roemeling, Juneau; Gina Norris, Hoonah; Daisy Morgan, Tok; Kaylie O'Daniel, Skagway.

Team Sportsmanship: Klawock

Three-point contest: Sam Clay, Haines (11)

Free Throw contest: Dani Larson, Klawock

Referees and official scorers gather around Don Hather (center).