Participants travel along the winding Dyea Road during the 2012 Fran Delisle Breast Cancer Awareness walk on June 2. More than a hundred people completed the walk from the Chilkoot Trail Outpost to Skagway.

Walk raises over $9,000 for cancer detection tests

The Fran Delisle Breast Cancer Awareness Walk had 101 adult participants and nine children who raised more than $9,000 for early cancer detection tests.
Among them was 30-year-old Sarah Waterman.
Because she works on the Denver Glacier doing sled-dog tours for Alaska Icefield Excursions, getting down for her time off can be difficult if there is bad weather because she commutes via helicopter.
It was so important for her to be at the breast cancer walk that her boss rearranged employees’ off time schedules, and flew her down a day early.
Waterman’s mother died of breast cancer six years ago.
“She was diagnosed when she was 54 and passed when she was 58,” Waterman said. “I walk for her and for everyone I know who’s had cancer.”
Waterman’s good friend Amy was also diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29.
“She’s 31 now, and she is totally fine,” Waterman said. “She got fake boobs and named them Ruby and Sapphire.”
Waterman said this walk is one of her favorite events of the year.
“I had such a good time,” she said of the walk. “Good conversation, beautiful weather. What more could you ask for?”

Polly Brown, left, and Jayce Ellis walk arm-in-arm along the Dyea Road during the walk.

Walking hand in hand for cancer awareness and hope for a cure.

Kathy Hosford holds her neighbor, Clover, at the lunch following the walk.