December 10
Police investigated a one-car, non-injury, roll-over traffic collision on the Klondike Highway.Driver was cited for driving with an expired drivers license and driving without proof of insurance.

December 12
A local resident reported that an envelope of prescription medicine was missing. The medication was delivered to the Juneau airport by a Juneau pharmacy, however according to the airlines the medication never arrived in Skagway. Juneau police are also investigating the disappearance.

December 13
Fire checked on a reported propane leak at a Spring Street residence.

December 17
Police found a plastic grocery bag laying on Broadway Street containing a set of keys, prescription glasses, and a satellite TV remote control marked “WEST”. A Broadway Street resident saw a photo of the items on the PD’s new Facebook page (Skagway Police Department) and claimed the keys and glasses, however said the TV remote was not his.

December 18
Police applied for and received arrest warrants for two Whitehorse residents based on a reported shoplifting incident from a 5th Avenue business last summer.

December 19
Police were able to open a vehicle for the owner in which the keys had been locked inside.

December 19 & 21
Police contacted a responsible party after noticing a winter watchman light at a Main Street residence.

December 20
EMS transported a patient from the clinic to the airport for a medevac. – SPD


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