July 21
A traveler setting up camp near the harbor storage yard was given a courtesy ride to the highway summit.

July 22
A stuffed “security gorilla” was reported stolen from a driveway near West Creek.

July 23
Police investigated a reported hit and run traffic collision on 7th Avenue.

July 24
U.S. Customs called police requesting a courtesy ride for a man who had walked from town to Fraser and back after being refused entry into Canada.

July 26
Police were called to a reported theft from a motel room. Report was unfounded.

July 28
Police received a report of a woman with a small dog panhandling near the harbor. Police secured a free ferry ticket for her to Juneau.

July 29
Police received a call about a homeless man with no ID trying to secure a hotel room. Police found the man, the same one who had been refused entry to Canada, gave him some coffee and a place to get out of the rain.

July 30
Police received a report of two people trying to snag kings out of the holding pen at Pullen Pond. Two juveniles (“nice kids”) from Oklahoma City were contacted and were told that they were done fishing.

July 31
An Alaska Street resident photographed a man stealing her neighbor’s bicycle. Photos were put on Facebook, and sent to police. Locals caught the suspect near the Skagway River bridge and held him for police. A Tacoma, Wash. man was arrested and held overnight on theft charges.

August 1
EMS responded to a reported injured zip-liner and transported patient to the clinic.

August 2
Police checked the area near 4th Avenue but were unable to locate the source of reported gunshots or loud noises.

August 3
Police checked for a reported suspicious man throwing up in the roadway in front of the liquor store.

August 4
Police opened a vehicle in which the owner had locked the keys inside.

August 5
Police received a call of a man stripping parts off of an abandoned bicycle. Police contacted the man, relieved him of his passport, and told him he could have it back after he restored the missing parts.

August 6
Three companies were warned against giving tours on the Dyea Flats where prohibited.

August 8
Police checked on a reported residential fire at 5thth and Broadway. While it was smoky, the residents had an errant candle under control upon officer arrival. No damage done.

August 9
Police were unable to locate four pedestrians walking down Main Street reportedly smoking marijuana. – SPD


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Photo by Jeff Brady of the 2012 Bike Rodeo sponsored by Skagway Police Dept, National Park Service, and Skagway School.