June 23
A local man was warned about driving around barricades and through closed areas of the Dyea Flats.

June 24
Police asked a bartender to help keep the noise level down outside their business after neighbors complained about the yelling and howling.

June 25
Police received a report of a suspicious gentleman approaching visitors and trying to sell large sums of foreign currency.

June 26
Police opened a vehicle in which the owner had locked her keys, and her dog, inside. Vehicle was also stuck on Dyea tide flats.

June 27

Resident reported receiving a phone call from a man with a thick accent advising she needed to follow his instructions and perform a Windows update on her computer. This is a dangerous scam that has been circulating around town. Scammer needs to be hung up on in the future.

June 29
Police were called when the soon-to-be-groom in a Whitehorse wedding party passed out on a downtown boardwalk and could not get back up. Groom was stuffed in rear of patrol car and transported with a member of the party to a Dyea Road residence where he was maneuvered inside for the night.

June 30
Police contacted a Michigan woman who was playing music and trying to sell her CDs on the boardwalk. She was given a courtesy ride back to her cruise ship.

July 1
A local resident turned over to police a black pouch that was picked up off the road. They saw it fall from the roof of a vehicle and were going to try and catch up and return it, until they noticed the pouch contained a quantity of marijuana and a wood pipe. Pouch’s owner has not contacted police to reclaim it.

July 2
An agitated man was given a courtesy ride back to his cruise ship after it was deemed by the operator that he was too intoxicated to safely participate in a tour.

July 3
Police received three calls of a recklessly driven Yukon plated vehicle on the north end of town. Police located the vehicle and a Whitehorse area driver and passenger in the car. These ladies also had two male cruise ship members in the back seat. The cruise ship was waiting to untie and depart and was only awaiting the return of their missing crew. An officer gave the members a courtesy ride back to ship security, and another gave the girls a courtesy escort out of the country.

July 4
Police stopped a fight downtown between an intoxicated local man and three intoxicated visitors. Local man did not approve of the shirt a visitor was wearing and tried to tear it off of him. Man was given a courtesy ride home.

July 5
Campers using the emergency camping area next to Pullen Pond reported that part of the group had scattered beer cans throughout the area and were using the bushes to relieve themselves. Reporting party was afraid the few would wreck the hospitality shown to the many.

July 6
Dispatch took a report that someone had apparently “taken a dump” on a walkway between two downtown businesses. Caller wanted Police advised so they could look out for similar behavior. – SPD


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