Sept. 22
Police received a complaint that on August 16 a pedestrian was struck and knocked over by a vehicle driven by a Utah man at Second and Broadway Street. The victim and the driver exchanged information, however the victim didn’t want to miss his cruise ship departure so he failed to report it at the time.

Sept. 23
Police investigated a call of what sounded like gunshots near Long Bay.

Sept. 24
Police helped a cruise ship passenger retrace his steps and locate a wallet he dropped along a walk to the Gold Rush cemetery.

Sept. 25
Police contacted individuals who had been flying a remote control drone helicopter past the security barriers and near the cruise ships moored on the Railroad Dock.

Sept. 26
Police investigated a reported hit and run motor vehicle accident between a U-Haul van and a vehicle at 2nd and Broadway Street.

Sept. 27
Police contacted a residence at Sixth and Main about fireworks annoying the neighborhood. All was quiet at scene; intoxicated pyrotechnician had passed out before officer arrival.

Sept. 28
Police received a report of a woman stealing a bottle of wine from the liquor store. Friends of the suspect walked her and the wine back to the store before officer arrival.

Sept. 29
Two men, one armed with an assault rifle, reportedly made threats toward people working on a power line in Dyea.

Sept. 30
Police responded to a landlord/tenant dispute at a Broadway Street residence.

Oct. 1
Police hazed a bear with cracker rounds off of 19th Street and into the woods across the railroad tracks.

Oct. 2
Police arranged for an abandoned vehicle to be removed off of 20th Street.

Oct. 3
Police coned off a minor rockslide on the Dyea Road near Long Bay.

Oct. 4
A bear was reported near 10th and State Street.

Oct. 5
Police responded to a reported intoxicated man lying in the roadway near 12th and Main Street. Man was given a courtesy ride to his residence on the Klondike Highway

Oct. 6
Police hazed a large brown bear with cracker rounds in the alley between 13th and 14th Avenues. – SPD


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Photo by Jeff Brady of the 2012 Bike Rodeo sponsored by Skagway Police Dept, National Park Service, and Skagway School.