Oct. 20
Alaska license plates EAX881 expiring 10/2015 were reported missing off of an abandoned vehicle being turned over to the city.

Oct. 22
Several residents near 13th and Main Street reported hearing gunshots. Police were unable to locate the source.

Oct. 23
A shrimp pot owner reported that shrimp had been taken from pots tied off of the railroad dock at least twice over the last week.

Oct. 24
EMS transported an injured construction worker from a site on the Klondike Highway to the clinic, and then to the airport for a medevac.

Oct. 27
Police received a report that a bear had tipped a dumpster near 2nd Avenue, and that the mess had been cleaned up by the owner.

Oct. 29
An illegally parked trailer near 9th and Broadway was tagged by police.

Oct. 30
A skull from a locally shot brown bear was sealed for state Fish and Game.

Nov. 1
Police assisted NPS law enforcement with identifying the driver of a vehicle that had driven across and damaged Park property and boardwalk near 5th and Spring Street.

Nov. 3
Police tagged a vehicle parked on private property without the land owner’s permission near 2nd Avenue.

Nov. 5
Police warned an owner of two disabled vehicles he had a week to move them before the city took possession.

Nov. 7
EMS transported a patient from the clinic to the airport for a scheduled medevac. -SPD


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Photo by Jeff Brady of the 2012 Bike Rodeo sponsored by Skagway Police Dept, National Park Service, and Skagway School.