The Centennial Statues at the town entrance were seen donning Hawaiian garb on Sept. 1. - Jeff Brady

August 24
A black 1992 Mazda Miata was damaged in a hit and run traffic collision at Ninth and Main Street. Although drivers of a suspect vehicle were questioned by police, no charges have been brought.

August 25
A man without proper ID reportedly tried to gain access to two different cruise ships.

August 26
Police responded to a dog fight where a loose dog was being held by the complainant after the loose dog reportedly attacked the complainant’s dog. Owner of the loose dog was located and cited for allowing her dog to be at large.

August 27
Police received a complaint of a Liarsville area RV Park resident snagging fish from the river.

August 28
EMS transported an injured bicyclist from the Klondike Highway pass to the clinic.

August 29
Police received a report of a possible pick-pocket working in town.

August 30
Police unlocked a vehicle for an owner who had locked the keys within.

August 31
Police located a woman who was upset with her camping partners near Liarsville attempting to walk home to Whitehorse. She decided to accept a ride back to her camp instead.

September 1
A bear was reported seen near 20th and Alaska Street.

September 2
EMS transferred a patient from the Zuiderdam to the airport for a

September 3
EMS transferred a patient from a hotel to the clinic.

September 5
A large brown bear was reported near Dyea Road and the Klondike Highway.

September 6
Police received two calls of a couple yelling and fighting on Broadway Street. Police were unable to witness the fighting either time, but did talk to a couple in the area that professed innocence both times.

September 7
Police received a report of a possible intoxicated or incapacitated driver heading toward Dyea. Police located the vehicle in Dyea, driver checked out OK. – SPD


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Photo by Jeff Brady of the 2012 Bike Rodeo sponsored by Skagway Police Dept, National Park Service, and Skagway School.