Oct. 6
A bear reportedly tipped over a dumpster near 15th Avenue and Main Street.

Oct. 7
Police received a report that a former employee may have vandalized the sprinkler system at a downtown business potentially causing it to malfunction. System was restored by a contractor.

Oct. 8
A bear was reported near 12th and Alaska Street, near 6th and Main Street, and near 12th and Broadway Street.

Oct. 9
A Dyea Road resident reported someone had cut many small (under an inch in diameter) trees on her property. Resident believes someone cut them to harass her, trees were left where cut.

Oct. 10
Police received many calls of bear sightings between 9th and 12th Avenues. Police located many battered cans and ravished garbage spills in alleys, and chased the bear off of a few in-progress banquets.

Oct. 11
Police received two reports of a bear prowling a dumpster off Broadway Street. Bear ran off toward the railroad tracks after another resident yelled at it.

Oct. 12
A “Crown Royal” bag of change, a wallet and some medication was reported stolen out of a vehicle parked downtown. Some of the missing property was found later in the post office dumpster.

Oct. 13
Bear sightings were reported near the school parking lot, near city hall, and near the post office.

Oct. 14
Police received a complaint of a vicious dog near 8th and State Street. Dog was tied up, but lunged at passerby.

Oct. 15
 Two abandoned vehicles were tagged by police near 13th and Alaska Street, and two near 10th and State Street.

Oct. 16
An Alaska Street resident reported a bear got in his open garage and attempted to drag out his freezer. Resident scared off the bear with a blast from his air horn.

Oct. 17
A Dyea Road resident reported to police more vandalism to her property involving snipping small trees and taking a construction blade to her embankment. Police contacted a neighbor who admitted responsibility and said he taken it upon himself to do some road maintenance to improve visibility along the right-of-way and to reestablish drainage.

Oct. 18
A bear was reported knocking over a dumpster near 6th and Broadway Street. Bear was described as large, and seemingly easily spooked. – SPD


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Photo by Jeff Brady of the 2012 Bike Rodeo sponsored by Skagway Police Dept, National Park Service, and Skagway School.