Comic book hero comes alive!

"Tomorrow" - Annie, played by Hillery Lesh, makes friends with Sandy, played by Honey Fredricks.

"Little Orphan Annie" a triumph with Skagway audiences

The Skagway School Drama Club’s production of "Annie" was performed April 19-21. The story of a little orphan girl who is adopted by a billionaire combined musical theater with history. It was a must see, and drew record crowds for a drama production at the Skagway School. The show was directed by drama instructor Blaine A. Mero, who also played Daddy Warbucks. Assistant directors were Joanne Korsmo and Rebecca Telles. Here are some images from the musical.

Photos by Dimitra Lavrakas

"It's a Hard Knock Life!" - Annie’s friends at the orphanage play with the clothes hamper, trying to make a game out of changing their beds. Annie runs away to a Hooverville, a squatters’ camp for Depression era transients.

"Easy Street" - Bad guys "Mr. and Mrs. Mudge" Kori Goertz and John Fredricks (left) plot a way to get the reward offered by Daddy Warbucks by pretending to be Annie’s parents in cahoots with Miss Hannigan (Jo Trozzo) who runs the orphanage.

Colette Hisman holds an applause sign for the audience at a radio show, as Gina Stossel plays "Charlie McCarthy" on ventroloquist Michelle Harris’s lap with Kristen Moore looking on.

"Never tell a lie!" Annie reminds Miss Hannigan of her own advice as the orphanage ogre pleads for help to stay out of jail; Miss Howell (Rebecca Telles) is unsympathetic. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Jason O’Daniel) is surrounded by orphans at Daddy Warbucks' Christmas Party. Copper Max Carslon stands guard as all sing the finale a "New Deal for Christmas."