Skagway Street Car drivers Emily Nadeau and Lisa Cassidy greet visitors off the Norwegian Sky, the first ship of the season to dock in Skagway on May 1. - JB

"Heard on the Wind"

Yes fans, it’s time for THAT column again. The seasons have turned to the time of year when we invite you to submit the strangest and funniest things you hear on the street. Call (983-2354), fax (983-2356) or e-mail (
Welcome back, and here at the News we wish you a safe and successful season.
While passing through a train at the start of a Summit Excursion trip, greeting passengers, a man looked up and asked the conductor, “Is she (the narrator’s voice coming over the public address system) going to talk throughout the entire trip? I didn’t come to Alaska to be educated.”
OK, the conductor thought, to each his own. Minutes later while returning to the coach, he noted that most passengers in this coach, including the complaining fellow, wore name tags. Upon inspection, he saw they were part of an Elderhostel educational group!
A newsie handing out Skaguay Alaskan’s down at the Broadway Dock was asked by a visitor who edited the paper.
The publisher, the newsie replied.
“He spelled Skagway wrong,” the visitor said.