Boys from Skagway and afar soar from the starting line during the popular Fourth of July sack races. Despite blustery weather, Skagway celebrated another great Independence Day and honored our American Heroes.

A Spirited Fourth

Skagway's 2002 Theme 'American Heroes'

Top: The Little Dippers march in the Kiddie parade. Above: "New York Jeff" the clown is caught by surprise and Jeremy Schader serves up some ribs at the Eagles Barbeque.

Photos by Dimitra Lavrakas Kristin Brown and Hollie Joy Brown

Top left: Glenda Choate displays her patriotism. Top right: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police step in sync.

Top left: Samantha Welch and Mozelle Nalan, Skaguay Alaskan Newsies, winners of the Judges Choice Award, pose on the 50-year-old printing press as they ride down Broadway in the parade. Top Right: The Skagway Medical Clinic employees, who received an honorable mention in the parade, toss candy from their float.

And the winners are ...

Best theme float: Miss Buckwheats. Best Garden City Float: Skagway Brewing Co. Float-other entry: Skagway Hardware. Judge’s choice: Skagway Alaskan Newsies 25th anniversary. Best March or Non Float Entry: Edmonton Sabers Marching Band. Grand Prize: Shelby Surdyk on Miss Buckwheats float-Eable Singer. Honorable Mention: Skagway Medical Clinic and Midnight Sun Pipe Band.

Best theme: Fishful Thinkin. Most patriotic: Uncle Sam and Statue of Liberty. Judges Choice: Fire Crackers. Best Group: Little Dippers. Honorable Mention: all others

Top Left: Kaitlyn (Miss Buckwheat) and Shelby Surdyk (dressed as an eagle) show their costumes. Shelby's uplifting song won the Grand Prize for the parade. Top Right: A young visitor holds his American Flag.

Top left: Super Zorros ride their bikes in the Kiddie Parade. Top Right: Jane Eddy (Statue of Liberty) and Bryce Jones (Uncle Sam), winners of the Most Patriotic award, walk down Broadway in the Kiddie Parade.

Ducky Derby

First Place: Jamie Bricker. Wild Ducks: Leah Moore, Jamie Fallon, John Mielke with two ducks and Carolyn Gould.

Top left: the Ducky Derby Ducks are gathered at Pullen Pond. Top right: The Ducky Derby ducks are dumped in Pullen Creek.

It's not how well you play....

Top left: Boys try their hardest to eat their pie faster than the others at the pie eating contest. Top right: Strength is put to the test at the tug of war.

Top left: kids search for money in the coin scramble. Top right: At the final event of the day, pizzas covered in red sloppy sauce are thrown to partners in the Pizza Toss.

... It's how dirty you get!

• Fourth of July, 2001