October 7, 2003 Skagway Municipal Election

* Certfied as winners by Canvass Board and City Council on Oct. 9

Mayor - two-year term

*Tim Bourcy 232

Write-ins 65

City Council - three year term (2 seats)

*J.M. (Jay) Frey 244

*David M. Hunz 191

Write-ins 109

City Council - two year term (1 seat)

Beth Cline 154

Bert Bounds 37

Other Write-ins 42

All candidates were write-ins as no one was listed on the ballot - no winner declared in this race because Cline ran a write-in campaign without filing paperwork as required by Alaska Public Offices Commission. City Council declared seat vacant, and the Mayor will appoint a person to the seat for one year until the next municipal election. However, this decision has been challenged by Bert Bounds, who received the second most votes.

School Board - three year term (2 seats)

* Chris Maggio 257

*Darren Belisle 241

Write-ins 28

School Board - one year term (1 seat)

*Joanne Korsmo 276

Write-ins 22

VOTER TURNOUT: 339 of 879 registered voters or about 39 percent