Time to reflect on a pretty good year, but things could be so much better

 Skagway has it pretty well for a town its size, but as we watch the school and the wintertime economy shrink, we can only wonder when it will really turn around. It has to be soon, don’t you think? All we can say is, thank heaven for our summers; they have gotten us through some lean times. So have those state basketball championships! If only the rain and snow gods would be more cooperative and get their seasons straight...

We sincerely hope to see the new year deliver a tidelands lease deal that will kick start our economic engine and start us on the road back to a real year-round economy. It’s critical to our future. Whether you’re a volunteer serving your city or the head of a company in a board room miles away, as long as you have the best interest of Skagway in focus, achieving this goal should be easy to achieve.

Otherwise, our wishes for the new year remain pretty simple: peace on earth, and good health and happiness for all our friends, neighbors and families. Skagway does a good job taking care of its own in good times and bad. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. WJB