A Very Cool Yule for Skagway

The Hathers, with their home lit up on Eleventh Ave., were ready for Yuletide.

Skagway Carolers perform at the Skagway Convention and Visitors Bureau Yultide reception at AB Hall. Danny Brady is coached by Trevor VanHouten on a game at the Yuletide Carnival. Brady was also the lucky winner of the 50/50 raffle for $780.

Donna Snyder sells jam to Cindie Carston at the Yultide Bazaar at the Skagway School. Paul Reichert, Laura Moscatello and Wendy Anderson start off the short Scrabble Tournament at the Haven Cafe. Cherith Whiteman was the winner.

Quilting Bingo at the Russian' Tailor brought out a bunch of game women.

Photos by Jeff Brady and Dimitra Lavrakas