The trial in play, the defense questions the "crime scene expert." - LS

Justice Gone Awry - Mock Trial in Skagway

Teaching senior students about the judicial system, assistant teacher Josh Coughran decided the best way for the kids to learn was to hold a mock trial.
“It would be fun and would show how the court system works,” he said.
He proposed several cases to the Government class and they chose the murder case. The case involved a girl, Candy Kane, who had been killed but her body was missing. Her neighbor down the hall, Mike Mean, was arrested as a suspect for the crime. The senior class split up into defense attorneys, prosecution, witnesses, and of course, Mike Mean.
Kourtney Downen and Colleen Ketterman paired up for the prosecution, Lucie Straub and Jenny Andrews were the defense counselors, and Arlen McClusky was Mike Mean.
Jerod Moore played Sgt. Bull, Miranda Collechi played both the mother of Candy Kane and her roommate, and Kyle Fairbanks played the crime scene expert. Jerret Brown was the next door neighbor, and Crystal Ketterman filled in as “Mrs.” Bones. James Mosely played the blood expert and Marion Huteau played the upstairs neighbor. History teacher Jeff Kasler played the concerned father of Mike Mean and Lucas Heger played the chief investigator. Jeremy Kilburn was the bailiff
Teachers, principals, and various townspeople were the jury; and last but not least, Magistrate John Hutchins was the Judge.
The trial went smoothly and the jury found the defendant not guilty based on insufficient evidence, althought they credited the prosecution with presenting the best case.. Both sets of attorneys shook hands and everyone commented on a job well done by everyone - Lucie Straub

To the left is superintendant Michael Dickens giving the verdict of 'not guilty,' and Judge John Hutchins instructs the jury on how to proceed. -LS

Photos by Jeff Brady