Taking Them Down in Skagway Town

Clockwise from above left: Josh Cotton wrestles hard against a tough Wrangell freshman; Betty and Don Hather run the scorer’s table; Tom Littlefield gets a win for the home team; Referee Ryan Ackerman eyes an upcoming pin by Skagway’s Jacob Cotton as coach Josh Coughran looks for an angle; and Mickey Wilson takes a Juneau opponent to the mat.

Don Hather Wrestling Tourney Results

Below are the Skagway results from the Don Hather Wrestling Tourney with teams from Juneau, Hoonah, Kake, Petersburg, Wrangell, and Craig.

Round 1: Hunt (J) pin Etue (S); Crayne (W) pin Martinez (S); Littlefield (S) pin Barril (J); Forester (S) pin Chang (P); Powel (W) def. Wilson (S) 13-0; Josh Cotton (S) def. Norheim (P) 8-0; Zimmerman (J) pin Jacob Cotton (S).

Round 2: Forester (S) def. Wilson (C) 13-8; Etue (S) pin Storey (J); Wilson (S) def. Connely (C) 8-6; Groshing (W) pin Martinez (S); Barry (J) pin Josh Cotton (S); Coutke (H) pin Littlefield (S); Keeny (J) pin Jacob Cotton.

Round 3: Forester (S) pin Storey (J); Ricker (W) def. Wilson (S) 7-2; Smith (H) pin Martinez (S); Corbin (C) pin Littlefield (S); Jacob Cotton def. Adams (K) 16-15; Crayne (W) def. Josh Cotton (S) 15-4; Etue pin Chang (P).

Round 4: Forester (S) pin Hunt (J); Monroe (P) pin Etue (S); McCay (P) pin Martinez (S); Josh Cotton pin Barril (J); Wilson def. Cordero (J) - medical default; Littlefield def. Vasquez (P) 15-14; Forester (S) pin Chang (P); Etue (S) pin Wilson (C); Egan (P) pin Martinez (S); Josh Cotton pin Vasquez (P); Norheim (P) pin Littlefield (S); Jacob Cotton pin Adams (K).

Round 5: Hunt (J) def. Forester (S) 9-7; Etue (S) pin Chang (P); Cary (J) pin Wilson (S); Barry (J) pin Littlefield (S); Egan (P) pin Martinez (S); Josh Cotton pin Coutlee (H); Barrill (J) pin Jacob Cotton (S).

Round 6: Groshong (W) def. Martinez (S) 22-5; Norheim (P) pin Littlefield (S); Adams (K) def. Jacob Cotton (S) 11-9; Hunt (J) pin Etue (S); Forester (S) pin Aceveda (K); Wilson (S) pin Connoly (C).

Round 7: Lewis (W) pin Jacob Cotton (S); Etue (S) pin Aceveda (K); Wilson (S) pin Lopez (K); Groshong (W) pin Josh Cotton (S); McKay (P) pin Martinez (S); Vasquez (P) pin Jacob Cotton (S); Clemens (P) pin Forester (S); Forester (S) pin Chang (P); Monroe (P) def. Etue (S) 12-2; Norheim (P) pin Littlefield (S); Ricker (W) pin Wilson (S); Josh Cotton (S) pin Egan (P); Vasquez (P) pin Littlefield (S).

SHS Activity Briefs

DDF team scores big in Juneau
The Skagway Debate, Drama and Forensics team took six members to Juneau at the end of October and placed as follows:
• 1st Expository Speaking: Shelby Surdyk
• 2nd Oration: Shelby Surdyk
• 4th Oration: Arielle Stegall
• 6th Duet Acting: Arielle Stegall and Sierra Moran
Perhaps our funniest piece was the Readers Theatre ”Casey at the Bat” with Tom Littlefield, Trevor Van Houten and Lary Martinez which received many laughs and finished 2nd in the second round, said coach Kent Fielding.

Elks Soccer Shoot results
A record total of 19 boys and 22 girls participated in the annual Elks Soccer Shoot at the school on Oct. 27. The following first place winners were announced the following evening at a feed at the Elks for all participants. Their scores now go to the state association to see if they placed statewide.

Age 7 and under
Girls - Jasmyne Claydon, 22 points
Boys - Danny Brady, 28 points

Age 8-9
Girls - Rosalie Westfall, 19 points
Boys - Wyatt Nelson, 29 points

Age 10-11
Girls - Jade Cook, 6 points
Boys - K.C. Mayo, 12 points

Age 12-13
Girls - Jessie Ellis, 23 points
Boys - Jonny Castle, 30 points