Skagway Votes - Election Day 2008

Third and fourth grade students visit the polling place at Skagway City Hall and watch teacher Mary McCaffrey cast her ballot in the AccuVote scanner.

Polling place official Gary Brummett holds Ezekiel Coughran, who peeks over the curtain to watch mom Amy vote. Luke Whitehead receives a sticker from election official Elizabeth Burnham who dressed in red (boots), white (shirt), and blue (skirt with stars).

Tara Mallory signs in voters and Burnham guides one to an open voting booth. The line at times ran five deep this morning. By noon, more than 215 people had voted in Skagway. Turnout here is on track to surpass the 404 votes cast here in the November 2004 general election, and may reach the modern high of 559 ballots cast in the October 2004 municipal election, which featured an advisory question on Juneau Access.

Photos by Jeff Brady

• 2008 SKAGWAY RESULTS (available approx. 9 p.m. AST Nov. 4, 2008)