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Skagway outdoor arts venue in the works
Seven Pastures area would be the site of stage, picnic area


 A plan is underway to construct an outdoor arts venue in Skagway for concerts, weddings and picnics.
The venue committee has already selected Seven Pastures to be the area where the structure would stand. It would be located east of the southern softball field.
The structure would have a stage area and a picnic area, but the exact design of the venue is under discussion.
The committee decided that the Municipality of Skagway would manage the picnic area and the Skagway Arts Council would manage the stage area and the equipment because it would be providing the items.
Jan Wrentmore suggested a hippodrome type structure similar to the one in Liarsville, which has a roof that is held up by tree logs, a stage and benches, but Dottie DeMark said she had something else in mind.
“When I picture an outdoor venue, I picture a venue that you can look up at the sky,” DeMark said, adding that it might be beneficial to research retractable roofs.
Committee chair Tim Bourcy agreed saying that no one is going to want to be under a roof, and there aren’t that many days that are that terrible.
But Wrentmore said there have been many times she wanted to have company parties outside and had to cancel or change plans because it was raining.
“We’re not in California,” assemblyman Mike Korsmo said, adding that Southeast Alaska tends to be on the rainy side. “You have to take a look at the weather patterns.”
Korsmo suggested the stage be located at the south end of the structure facing north, so the south winds will bring the sounds toward the audience.
“If you had it the other way around, you could blast music into the 30 mph north wind, but it’s not going to work,” he said.
An outdoor arts venue will have so much support from the community that the assembly would approve it very quickly, Korsmo said.
But Bourcy said with the current economic state, the committee must have all its plans laid out carefully before bringing the idea to the assembly for funding. He added that there is a large portion of the community that doesn’t want to spend a dime.
The committee agreed that it would like to get its proposal to the assembly in time to be included in the budget for the next fiscal year.
The group will hold another meeting after more research of possible models for design and other areas of funding.

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