Nope, that’s not a rocket ship or an alien craft sitting in the yard of the National Park Service Maintenance Facility at Alaska and First.
“It’s a new shelter for the radio repeater system up the Chilkoot Pass,” said Chief Ranger Reed McCluskey.
The current shelter has been leaking over the past year with some damage to the equipment, he said. The new one has the antenna built into the side of it so the heavy snow pack and high winds won’t damage it, he said. The solar panels will be positioned southward and hopefully will survive the extreme elements.
Scheduled to be flown up in August, there was a weather hold, and again in September, and October didn’t look too good either McCluskey said.
“We’ll wait until the end of June for the snow to melt and we can put anchors in,” he said. “To get our people, equipment, helicopter, and a radio tech from Anchorage, well, it’s quite an orchestration.” – DL
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