The Skagway School volleyball team does jump squats for conditioning in preparation of their upcoming season. Their first matches will be on the weekend of October 28 in Juneau. Katie Emmets

SHS wrestling team competes in first meet in two years

After not having a team for the 2010-2011 school year, the Panthers wrestling team competed in its first meet of the season last weekend.
Senior Danny Moore, who was on the team his sophomore year, went 4-1 while Sophomore Zack Wassman and sophomore Donovan Henson, both new to wrestling, went 0-5.
Although they did not win a match, co-coach Gregg Kollasch said the meet was a good experience for the novice sophomores, adding that they improved with each match.
“They only had two weeks of practice before their first meet,” Kollasch said. “They had to learn on the fly, which was hard.”
Kollasch said Moore pinned all four of his opponents, but got pinned himself in his last match.
“There was a lot of pinning,” Kollasch said about the Hoonah meet. “It was unbelievable how hardly anyone went a full match.”
Six teams competed in the meet, which was held the weekend of Oct. 8. Next, the Panthers wrestling team will travel to Haines for a meet on Oct. 21-22.
Kollasch, who is co-coaching the team with Duppy Ticarro, said they would love it if members of the community showed up in Haines to cheer them on.
“It’s always good to get a little support,” he said. “Just like everything, it’s good to have fans.”

Skagway girls in the pack at the start of a race in Sitka. - James Poulson, Sitka Daily Sentinel

No state meet for Skagway cross country runners

Though no one qualified for the state competition in Anchorage, coach Kent Fielding said the Skagway School Cross Country team did well at the regional cross country meet in Ketchikan at the end of September.
The boy’s team placed seven out of 11 teams and beat all 2A schools except for Yakutat at the race. Airk Cochran, Danny Moore, Zach Wassman, Nick Ackerman and Blake Fletcher set personal records on the boy’s team. Zoe Wassman and Jade Cook set personal records on the girl’s team.
Rori Leaverton was the closest to qualifying for the state meet with a time of 22:50.
“Rori was really disappointed about not making it to state,” Fielding said. “But she did run an extremely brave and good race.”
Leaverton was in 12th place up until the last 600 yards but finished 17th, Fielding said. Only the top 15 make it to the state meet.
“She put herself in the position to make it to state until the last 66 yards,” Fielding said. “She usually takes off then and uses her speed, but she didn’t have anything left at that point.”
Fielding said a good race is characterized by running so hard there is nothing left to give at the end.
“She had run such a good race,” he said. “And she had nothing left to give to the point that she passed out at the end.”

Boys Regionals (place, name time): 30. Airk Cochran 19:38, 33. Danny Moore 19:47, 46. Zack Wassman 20:15, 50. Nick Ackerman 20:40, 69. Blake Fletcher 23:54, 71. Donovan Henson 25:25.
Girls Regionals: 17. Rori Leaverton 22:50, 40. Hannah O’Daniel 26:22, 45. Zoe Wassman 27:44, 46. Jade Cook 28:39.