Student Greg Eagan and parent Sean McKnight check out the elemetary school bulletin board during the annual Open House. Students had written what school would be like “If I were Superintendent.” Many said they would allow running in the halls and food fights. JB

-Heard on the Wind-

The last gasps of the summer have caused us to lose our collective breaths...

A clerk was waiting on a couple. During a brief conversation, another customer overheard the clerk say she was from New Hampshire.
After the couple left, the eavesdropping customer asked, “Do you commute from New Hampshire every day?”
He explained that he was from Tennessee.
The clerk explained that New Hampshire is in New England.
He asked again, “So, do you commute?”
A brakeman was asked by a passenger as the train passed Summit Lake, “Will we see whales up here?”
Another passenger pointed to his hat which said “Brakeman” and asked, “Is that your last name?”
A woman walked off the ship and wasn’t shy about having her photo taken by the ship’s shooter. However, she bent her knees in a half crouch, and instructed the photographer to stand straight while shooting: “You up, me down – no chin.”
A woman making her purchase asked if I could break a $200 bill. Without hesitation, I said "yes". Ummm... "Wait a minute... there is no $200 bill", I said (wondering to myself if I missed such an announcement on the evening news). The customer (tourist) replied "Yes there is. I have one here in my purse and she pulled out a $200 PESO bill. Uhhhhh... wrong country lady! After she left, another customer whispered to me "Did she really have a $200 bill?" "Yes, but it was a 200 peso bill", I explained.
Whew, time to rest and just watch the wind blow outside. Stay warm and have a great winter.