SWEARING THE OATH - Left, Borough Clerk Marj Harris swears in Paul Reichert, Tim Cochran and Tom Cochran. Right, School Board President Darren Belisle reads the oath to Stuart Brown and Christine Ellis.

2009 Municipal Election • October 6, 2009

Updated October 8 after counting of absentee and questioned ballots by Canvass Board, and certified by the Skagway Borough Assembly on Oct. 10.

* winner

(i) incumbent

MAYOR - 3 year term
*Tom Cochran (i) 342

Write-ins 15


BOROUGH ASSEMBLY - two 3 year seats
*Tim Cochran 324

*David Hunz (i) 229

Allison Holtkamp (Write-In) 34

Other Write-ins 25


BOROUGH ASSEMBLY - 1 year seat
*Paul Reichert 204

Ed Fairbanks 136

Luke Rauscher 67

Write-ins 1

SCHOOL BOARD - two 3-year seats
*Chris Ellis (i) 335

*Stuart Brown 303

Write-ins 17

The machine counted 333 votes on Tuesday, Oct. 6. One other ballot was completed by personal representative and counted later by the Canvass Board on Oct. 8. The board also counted 78 absentee ballots that day. One questioned ballot was not counted. The official voter turnout was 412, or about 43 percent of Skagway's 960 registered voters.