LAST SHIP SAILS - The Norwegian Star pulls away from the Railroad Dock on Sept. 29 with many blasts of its horn as people gather on the docks to say good-bye. Jeff Brady

 Alas, the last days gave us a grumbling lot who didn’t have much fun:

Did someone hear too much about Soapy Smith? When a customer came into a shop, she heard a worker say, “Welcome. We carry lots of local and regional artwork, including Alaska artists and Yukon artists.”
“Con artists?!” the customer said, “I can’t believe you’re bragging about having con artists here!”
“We’re heading back to the ‘Scruise Ship.’ ” said a less-than-pleased visitor.
Walking into a local art gallery, a tourist exclaimed, “Oh, thank God. You aren’t another compressed carbon store!”
“Every where we go, people keep saying, ‘you should have been here last week when the weather was great.’ I guess we’ll learn next time.”

Knowledge is a wonderful thing. Well, it was a good season and we do love the ships and the people they bring to our doors, but not everyone can be happy with their vacations. Or they just feel that way all the time, and there’s nothing we can do for them. So let the bad wind blow on by and remember the good times. That’s all folks. For winter wind relief, check our back issues until this column returns in May 2011. – The Windy One

PS - enjoy the photos!


Visitors go thgrough the Railroad Dock security check on their way back to the last ship of the season. Jeff Brady

The band Chill Factor – keyboards-Jay Shelly, drums-Greg Babcock, singer-Justin Colley, singer/guitar-Robert Murphy, guitar-Tony Kosters, bass-Kody Kosters – rocks the station on the last ship night, and a dancer below gets down with the sound. Cat Feil

Locals attack the clothes climbing wall at the Skagway Rec. Center Community Garage Sale. Jeff Brady

The group mac b - Maya Martin- piano, Alicia Leggett, Candace Cahill, guitar and vocals, and Betsy Albecker, piano – perform the first Arts Council concert of the off-season. They also were joined by Megan Harp on clarinet and Kathy Wassman on vocals. Jeff Brady

A sea lion gets the last of the fresh salmon. Andrew Cremata