“Is this the real town of Skagway, or is the real town somewhere else?”
While taking a picture from across the street of the AB Hall, a man says to his wife, “Ya don't see houses like that everyday!”
A woman looks at the clock in the AB Hall visitor center and asks, "Is that the real time?" Two other ridiculous questions heard over and over again this summer: "Is that a real post box?", and on the driftwood façade, "Is that real?"
A young English couple comes into AB Hall and asks about conditions on the Chilkoot Trail. They are told the weather sites are shut down for the season as is the Trail Center, but to check at the National Park Service Visitor Center to see if they have any information. They are also told that there will be snow on the trail, but the young man insisted that all snow will have been washed away in the rains. They are wished good luck in their travels.
Overheard on the boardwalk: One man says to another, “This is one of those get-off-the-ship-and-shop tours!”
A woman with a lesbian tour group off a ship asked a train guide what the store Dejon Delights sold.
“They sell smoked salmon,” the guide said.
“Oh s--t!” the woman exclaimed.
“What did you think they sold?” asked the guide.
“I was hoping it was a pleasure store. We missed the one in Juneau!”
A local resident waiting in line behind tourists at a year-round establishment overheard the following exchange;
Tourist: “How much longer do the ships come?”
Cashier who has been here at least two months and is in all probability a seasonal: “I don't really know, at least into the first or second week of October, I think.”

You think? Well there may be a few stragglers here and there who missed their ship on the last day with the partying locals Tuesday night. They should be awake by now. Not sure about the locals. The windy one is ready for hibernation, but doubts he will get much sleep in old Skagtown. The winter winds will be churning soon enough, and you can read all about it in the other columns of this fine rag from now until the leaves and summertime workers return. Have a great winter, everyone, and watch for this column again next May.