An eagle and a moose from the Infinity seek out a potential photo victim on the dock. The wildlife/photogs says they have been called ducks, pelicans, squirrels, even attack dogs, this season. - Jeff Brady

"Heard on the Wind"

It is time to bid you all a fond good-bye. Have a great winter wherever you may go. If you do travel this winter, please look at a map of the place, and read a book about it. Don’t ask questions like these:
A customer asked a store clerk if she had a book with color photographs of the gold rush!
Asked of a ship photographer: “How do I know which picture is mine?”
“Are the schools open in the winter time?”

Tales of the cheap side...
Two men were overheard talking, as one asked the other if he was wearing a U.S. Postal Service coat?
“Yes,” replied the other man. “I figured I’d just bring this so I didn’t have to buy a coat.”
A clerk said to a man wearing a Redskins jacket, “Go, Redskins!”
“I don’t even like them,” the man replied, “but I got the coat for $20 on sale five years ago.”
A man asked a store clerk for a bag for the five free post cards he got at another store down the street!
A man came into the store looking for a belt, and went on and on about the price, asking for a discount. The clerk helped him find his size and when he lifted up his jacket to try it around his waist, he was using his wife’s pink satin bathrobe sash to hold up his pants. The clerk politely informed him he would pay any price the store wanted to charge for a real belt, and he did, too.