FAMILIAR 2008 SUMMER SCENE - Visitors crowd under an awning in the rain while they wait for a SMART bus to go back to their ships. Jeff Brady

-Heard on the Wind-

Into the West
During a particularly slow morning at a local coffee shop, the staff was debating which band they’d rather hear if stuck somewhere with no other options. The choices were Enya or Bad Company (actually it was another hard rock band, but I could not remember it, so went with that one). Anyway, poor Enya lost. So much for her Lord of the Rings credentials.

Paper chase
A local was standing at the counter of the News Depot with two newspapers in his hands. On the counter were two stacks of papers, the USA Today and The Skagway News. A visitor walked in, looked at the clerk, and asked, “Is there a newsstand in town where I can buy a paper?”

Country first
A tour seller asked a visitor, “Where in Canada are you from?”
“Canada.” When pressed to be more specific, she finally said “Toronto.”

Balcony work
Looking up at the Days of ’98 Show girls hanging from the windows at the Eagles Hall, a woman asked, “Are those real hookers?”
The barker on the street replied, “Why, are you looking for work?”

Lucky view
A group of visitors coming off the Broadway dock pulled out their cameras to catch a rainbow rising over near Dyea. One of them exclaimed, “I better get back to the casino!”

Sunnier skies
One summer resident was overheard to say, "After all this, spending three weeks at my mother's doesn't sound so bad."

No toy train
A guest asked a local where the train station was. The local pointed to the depot across the street.
"Not the TOUR train, the REAL train,” said the visitor.

Oh, Governor!
A visitor was overheard asking a local where one might find pictures of Sarah Palin in a bathing suit.

That’s all, no more, please - unless the election brings us more gems. Thanks for a great season and always keep your ears to the wind …