Meet the Candidates in the Oct. 7 Skagway Municipal Election

Skagway Borough Assembly

Two incumbents are running unopposed
for 3-year terms

Candidates were asked to submit biographical information and a statement that included their top priorities for the next 3 years.

Dan Henry
Age: 53
Occupation: Skagway Fish Co. co-owner
Years in Skagway: 19
Tutored in agriculture and economics at Continental Grain Co. on Chicago Board of Trade, certified by Commodity Futures Trading Commission and approved for CBT membership as floor broker in August 1978.
Public offices held: City Council / Assembly 11 years.
Interests: Trading precious metals futures market and securities, hitting a little white ball with a crooked stick.

At this point in time, we still have a great deal of projects on our plate. Completion of the clinic being the top priority. The next large project for the assembly will be the Small Boat Harbor renovation and wave barrier, which will be a fairly large expenditure for the borough, but desperately needed. As of this writing, we still have three smaller projects (by comparison) getting started: rifle range, Toad Circle Road, booster station and well. The next phase of the seawalk and the Taiya Point Road follow after being addressed by the assembly. The list of projects of wants, needs and desires goes on and on. There are few, if any, feel good projects on the horizon, though some feel that continuing funding to the Rec. Center qualifies. I say get in there and use it, and you’ll feel better. At present the assembly is discussing purchase of the Garden City RV Park. This would have to be followed by many lengthy community discussions on its best use. These, along with a myriad of other smaller projects, will be addressed over the next three years. Public safety buildings top the list of large projects needing to be dealt with in the next three years. Luckily we are at 5 and 3 (seasonal sales tax percentages), although I wanted it to be 6 and 0.

Colette Hisman
Age: 23 years younger than my mother and 32 years older than my oldest daughter… you do the math.
Occupation: Co-owner /operator Sweet Tooth Cafe
Yes, I support it!
Years in Skagway: My age minus 23.
Public offices held:
Historic District Commission, 1999 Comprehensive Plan, 2009 Comprehensive plan, Past member Skagway City Council, Current member of the Skagway Borough Assembly
Interests, hobbies: Arm Wrestling, Underwater basket weaving, Broadway Theatre.

My objectives for this term: Supporting more economic opportunities in Skagway through Port development and promoting further land distribution to the public. I also feel this is a exciting time in the development of Skagway with the many important projects that the borough is undertaking, such as: our community health center, renovations at the small boat harbor, rifle range construction, and the booster station installation.
These and other projects being looked at will ensure a thriving economy and expectations of further growth for our community.

Skagway Borough Assembly

Two incumbents are running unopposed for 3-year terms

Candidates were asked to submit biographical information and a statement that included their top priorities for the next 3 years. Chris Maggio asked us to repeat his statement from the 2007 Borough election, and we have done the same for Joanne Korsmo, who had to leave town last weekend after her mother’s death in Connecticut. Maggio is on the ballot, but Kormo missed the filing deadline and is now a declared write-in candidate.

Joanne Korsmo
Age: 50
Occupation: Station manager, Wings of Alaska
Education: 3 years of college
Years in Skagway: 24
Public offices held: Two terms on School Board, Library Board.
Interests, hobbies: Hiking, reading

My reasons for running for school board are simple. I have had two children attending Skagway School (one just graduated). They are getting a wonderful education with qualified teachers, strong curriculum, and the latest technology tools offered. I have worked closely with my fellow school board members and Dr. Dickens the past few years tackling many problems and challenges facing our district. We have seen some exciting new programs emerge, such as Drama, Debate and Forensics, Physical Education PEP grant, and Foreign Language Learning with technology equipment in place to keep foreign language studies alive in our small school. These programs were made possible by the hard work and dedication of our Superintendent Dr. Dickens and also the support and vision of our school board. My goals would be to keep a few of these programs alive and reinstate music back into the school curriculum (Editor’s note - this was done last year).
Serving on the Skagway School Board has been a very rewarding experience and I would like the opportunity to learn more and hopefully contribute more.

Chris Maggio
Age: 58
Education: AA degree
Years in Skagway: 15 ( 6 years full time res.)
Public offices held: School Board member
Interests, hobbies:
Guitar, woodworking, metal fabrication

My name is Chris Maggio and I’m running for a School Board seat. I have been a member of the Skagway City School Board for the last four years and would love to continue to serve this school and to give something back to this community that is very dear to me.
My background for this position was working for the Los Angeles Unified School District in the maintenance division in my younger years and my current position on this board here in Skagway.
Please cast your vote for Chris Maggio for School Board so we can continue to offer the high level of education that this school district has been noted for on a state and national level! Thank You.


Vote Oct. 7th

Polls Open 7 am to 8 pm at Skagway City Hall

Absentee voting closes at 5 p.m. on Oct. 6.