Su Rappleye, owner of Miss Kitty’s ButtonHole, stands in her near-empty shop on the alley off Broadway, where the boutique was a fixture for many years. She has gone out of business and the Park Service is negotiating with a new lessee for 2004. A source of Newsie hats and other fun apparel for many years, she will be missed. DL

-Heard on the Wind-

Have you ever thought to yourself, like this visitor who asked of a sales clerk, “What kind of wood is the boardwalk made of.”

And finally, from the postal front, two seasonal residents were overheard discussing their mailing habits in front of the “local” and “out of town” mailing slots. One said she thought the “local” slot was for locals, and the “out of town” slot was for tourists.

That’s all folks until next season!