Amanda Jensen (far left) leads Skagway from the start by Gold Rush Cemetery, and Quinn Weber looks down at collapsed teammate Mickey Wilson as he crosses the finish line. Jeff Brady

Runners take aim at regionals

Wilson, Jensen top small schools field in Ketchikan after finishing second at home


 The Skagway Invitational on Sept. 11 gave Southeast runners a full-blown run at our infamous winds, but it was the hill up from Yakutania Point that cost Skagway a victory.
In the girl’s race, Skagway’s Amanda Jensen could never catch Sitka rival Kari Paulson. After being blown sideways on the footbridge, Jensen fell about 20 seconds behind the Sitka runner on the hill.
In the boy’s race, Mickey Wilson of Skagway was leading down the length of Alaska Street, as excited observers looked down from the overlook. But the lead was not big enough. Sitka’s Niko Friedman caught Wilson on the hill, and the Skagway runner ran out of gas trying to catch him about 20 yards from the finish. Wilson actually stopped for a moment, then recovered with the crowd urging him on, and jogged to the finish line, and collapsed. Teammate Quinn Weber then came across in third, looking down at his teammate as he hit the finish line.
When asked if he just cramped up, Wilson said, “No, I just got beat.”

High school kids cheer the Panthers at the start, and Elise Doland finishes strong. Jeff Brady

With a full team, the Skagway boys took second to Sitka, their best showing of the year. Logan Weber took 9th, Ian Klupar 18th, and Danny Moore 28th. In the girl’s race, Rori Leaverton was the next Skagway runner in 13th place, while Kayla Henricksen and Elise Doland finished 47th and 48th. See complete race results at
Skagway got some sweet revenge last weekend in Ketchikan. Although mixed in with 4A runners, both Jensen and Wilson had the best times among their 2A-3A rivals.
Wilson beat Friedman by six seconds with a fast 16:45, and Quinn Weber was third in 17:05. Logan Weber again took 9th in 18:24 and Moore had a personal best 19:53 in 31st place.
Jensen also ran a fast race in 21:33 for top spot among the 2A-3A girls, while Kaitlyn Surdyk, in her first race of the season, took second in 21:43. Sitka’s Paulson was not at the meet. Leaverton finished 16th and Doland 44th.
Both teams were short members, but hope to be at full strength at regionals this weekend in Juneau. To qualify for State in Palmer next week, they must finish in the top three. – JB

Skagway Invitational Cross Country Meet Results (pdf)


Box of Rocks results
Times from the Box of Rocks run up to Upper Dewey Lake on Sept. 18:
Michael Yee, 56:45; Sarah Gahagon, 57:43; Mark Divall, 58:13; Terry Joss, 1:02:00; Nate Weiler, 1:08:00; Kirk Cosgrove, 1:17:00; Bruce Weber, 1:19:00; Mike Konsler, 1:32:18; Nan Saldi, 1:33:00; Mike Korsmo, 1:35:00; Cara Cosgrove, 1:47:19; Shiloh Potter, 1:50:00; Courtney & Trevor Clifford, 1:59:00; Jessie Ellis, 2:10:20; Zack Ellis, 2:10:21; Lynn Herbig, 2:16:00; Steward Stephens, 2:32:00; Briana Bagley, 2:32:00; Karen Boyce, 2:32:00; Lindsay Breading, 3:40:00; Todd Hunt, 3:40:00; Bill Thomas, 3:55:00.