FACES IN THE CROWD - The Yukon Brewing team for the Klondike Road Relay had an entourage that included several famous people. Jeff Brady

Last week a tourist walked inside “The Caboose on the Dock” (coffee and gift shop operated by White Pass) reading his tour-instruction print-out, and asked the barista, “If I keep walking down this street (pointing towards town from inside the caboose) will I eventually see a red caboose that has a gift shop and coffee bar on the inside?”
From the shore ex. front:
“When I get off the ship…how will I know where the dock is?”
“How will I know which side of the ship the dock is on?” (Shore Ex:  “Well… one side will be really wet and one side will be cement.”)
“Where do they (Skagwegians) put all the wildlife in the winter time?”
A woman, pointing at the Alaska Highway on a map, asks, “Is this a real road?”
While on the ferry to Juneau, a wind collector heard someone ask a ferry worker, “Is that the Barrier Reef?”
A boy was looking through a store’s bulk rocks showcase which has the name of each kind of rock. As he was looking through the bin he asked, “Are the rocks real?”
“No, they are just a figment of your imagination,” the store manager replied adding that the boy thought it was funny and laughed with her.
A man coming out of the Red Onion commented to his wife, “It’s better than Hooters!”
“I used to eat natural food until I found out people died of natural causes.”
A woman sweeps in to the AB Hall and says “What kind of wood is on your facade, it’s beautiful.”
An exhausted counter person, her mind overloaded, answers, “Driftside.” Not missing a beat, the woman asks, “Was it collected locally?”
“Do you have a drugstore?” asked a visitor.
“No we don’t,” replied the cashier.
“Oh my goodness,” the visitor responded. “What do you do with no hairspray?”
“I don’t use it,” replied the cashier.
On or about the 8th of September, after holding the door for a couple leaving the Post Office, a local was asked, “Which way is the ship?” by the husband, who pointed north and then south. Certainly, when pointing south he had to have seen the cruise ship, but didn’t seem to pick up on his surroundings very well. Almost simultaneously his wife, and the local pointed south and said “It’s that way”.
To cover up for not noticing the obvious, the man said, “We can get there by going either direction.”
Notorious for sometimes being less tolerant than required to live in this town the local said his next comment was not received very well by the gentleman, but was seen as informational /geographical humor to the wife. He told the man, “Sir, you are right of course, except if you go that way, pointing to the north, it is a 25,000 mile walk and if you go toward the cruise ship at the end of the street it is slightly more than a quarter mile.”

And with that lesson, we are done for the season – UNLESS some wind blows in our door on these last two ship days. Please uncover those ears one last time, so we can ride, walk or sail with the wind into the sunset of another tourist season in Skagway.