Katilyn Surdyk is cheered on by admirers of all ages as she wins the Juneau Invitational by 45 seconds over her nearest competitor from schools big and small. Hannah O’Daniel and Amanda Lervik run with the pack at Juneau.
Photos by Klas Stolpe, Juneau Empire

Kaitlyn Surdyk dominates races in Yakutat, Juneau


Kaitlyn Surdyk is on the verge of doing something no other Skagway female runner has done: win Southeast. Barring the unexpected (and everyone in town should be knocking on wood right now), the Skagway senior should win a region title on Saturday in Sitka.
During her first two meets of the season, Surdyk entered the competition as a top 10 prospect. Now she is the favorite: even runners from the 4A schools can’t come close to her. In Yakutat on Sept. 11, she ran the course in a time of 20:38, beating Juneau’s Sid Browning by 32 seconds. Then in Juneau last weekend, she beat that time by a second and was and amazing 45 seconds ahead of the second place finisher from Craig, Amber Nickerson, her stiffest 1A-2A-3A competition.
In Sitka this Saturday, Surdyk will be racing against just the small schools on a flat course.
Coach Kent Fielding said the rest of the team is running well, though there have been some injuries. After finishing fifth in Yakutat, a sore foot sidelined Rori Leaverton last weekend, but she should have a shot at making State.
The team is probably going to finish out of contention for State, Fielding said, but many of the racers ran personal bests in Juneau. Here are their times: Hannah O’Daniel 26:57, Amanda Lervik 27:40, Helen Bruenger 28:48, Lisa Buschmann 32:59, Jade Cook 34:26.

Great weather for best ‘Box of Rocks’ turnout ever

Participants under an hour and category winners are highlighted:
1, “Stu” Stephens-2hr 03m; 2. Peggy Hoff-1hr35m; 3. Dave Schirokauer-1hr26m; 4. Rich Forst-48m17s-FASTEST TIME; 5. Mike Konsler-1hr29m; 6. Karen Briner-finished but lost track of time due to blueberry harvesting; 7. Karen Boyce-2hr2m-slow time due to support of “Stu”; 8. Wendy “Did the Choppers leave?”Anderson-1hr40m; 9. Lynn Herbig and Lilly-2hr23m; 11 .Sherry Corrington-2hr; 12. Denise “Drift” Caposey-2hr30m; 13. Jason “Tugboat” Roman-1hr20m; 14. Kelly “Birthday Girl” Hansen-2hr13m; 15.; Mary Rehfield-2hr13m; 16. Sarah Denny-1hr22m; 17. Luke Smith-1hr22m; 18. Cate Denny-1hr22m; 19. Stephanie Olson-1hr22m; 20. Candice Cahill-1hr48m; 21. Mike Korsmo-1hr35m; 22 .Kathy Wassman-1hr48m; 23. Tommy Lawrence-58m; 24 .Patrick “Richard Simmons” O’Malley-59m-TIED FOR BEST WARDROBE; 25. Lisa Hollandr-2hr04m; 26. Becky McGill-1hr24m; 27. Val Jensen-1hr06m; 28. Dottie DeMark-2hr04m; 29. Gregg Kollasch-1hr01m40s; 30. Jacob Tice-1hr10m27s; 31. Kyle Roberts-58m40s; 32. Kurt “Nice Dress” Cosgrove-1hr8m-TIED FOR BEST WARDROBE; 33. Kelly Daigle-1hr35m; 34. Skip “Former Mayor” Elliot-1hr07 oops I mean 05m; 35. John” Can’t wait for Ski season” Briner-1hr48m; 36. John “I guess I better go get another Chopper” Whedon-1hr4m; 37. Teresa O’Daniel-1hr30m; 38. Eric Baldwin-52m45s; 39. Laura Baldwin-2h; 40. Phillipe Mendez-2h; 41. Sarah Histand-56m54s; 42. Barbara Miller-2h48m; 43. Marcus Klupar-2hr01m-FASTEST KID; 44. Karl “I got beat by Marcus” Klupar-2hr02m; 45. Bruce Weber-3hr02m-SLOWEST PARTICIPANT; 46. Cara ”Barefoot” Cosgrove-Lost her time but it was faster than 3hr02m; 47. Julene “Mom of Katlyn, fastest girl in SE” Fairbanks-Lost her time but it was excellent. Special thanks to TEMSCO pilots Chris Maggio and John Wheadon for bringing down the happy participants.

Photo by Kelly Hanson

Chilkoot Challenge Cyclocross

Results from the inaugural Chilkoot Challenge Cyclocross on the Dyea Flats on Sept. 18, 2010 – bikers raced the course for 30 minutes and then completed two additional laps.

7 Laps
1. David Gonda 43.40; 2. Jonah Clark 45.01.
6 Laps
3. Stephen Ball, 43.34; 4. Dustin Craney 44.30; 5. Terry Joss 45.14; 6. Luke Smith 45.25; 7. Brian Gehring 45.48; 8. Dan Reimer 47.49; 9. Cate Denny 48.16; 10. Sarah Denny 48.17; 11. Nadele Flynn 49.10; 12. Kerrie Patterson 49.56; 13. Stephanie Olson 53.25; 14. Cris Siegal 1.03.12.
5 Laps
15. Ben Lochridge 45.50; 16. Jenn Roberts 48.46; 17. Leslie Vandermaas 48.48 18 & 19. Ian and Liz Parker 1.33.01.
4 Laps
20. Sierra Vandermeer 1.33.01; 21. Monika Melnychule 1.33.01.
3 Laps
22. Margie P. 45.53.

Photos by Jeff Brady