-Heard on the Wind-

The obvious can never be assumed:
A woman walked straight up to the counter in the Skagway Pretzel Co. and asked, “Do you sell pretzels here?”
Another asked: “Is there any place in town that sells t-shirts?”
You can tell it’s September when...

A tired shop owner, after being asked the usual question, “What do you guys do up here in the winter?” answers, ““We grow frozen vegetables for the Jolly Green Giant.”
More research needed:
“What kind of salmon are those, Tahoe?”
“The northern lights are reflections of the glaciers, right?”
“Where’s the Moose House Cabin?”
“At what elevation do sheep become mountain goats?”
If the ships only knew:
Wife to husband, “No, you can’t charge things in here to your room card.”
A woman visiting Skagway for a week was in a store. Another woman turns to her and asks, “What time to we need to be back on the ship?”
“I’m not from a ship.”
“Well, how did you get here?”
On Yukon Savings Time:
“If I’m going to Whitehorse tomorrow, do I need to change my watch tonight for the time zone change?”
No charge, ma’am, it’s been a real pleasure:
Asked to a newsie passing out Skaugay Alaskan visitor guides on the dock, “How much is the paper?”
“It’s free.”
“But I don’t have any money.”

That’s all folks till the ‘05 season. Thanks for your wonderful submissions and keep your ears to the wind!