Box of Rocks participants gather round the Upper Dewey Lake cabin for the obligatory annual photo before getting helicoptered back to Skagway. Jeff Brady

Record turnout for Box of Rocks

A record 54 people climbed the steep 3.5-mile trail to Upper Dewey Lake on Sunday, Sept. 18 as part of the annual Box of Rocks event.
Refreshments awaited by the cabin at the top, along with a helicopter ride down by TEMSCO for a nominal fee.
It was a rare beautiful September day, and the views were outstanding.
The event was named because you’d have to be dumber than a Box of Rocks to do it. Below are the participants who were seen and noted at the finish, along with their times. They are not in order, because everyone’s a winner. A few may have been missed at the end. Contact the News and we will add your name and time to the web version.

2011 Box of Rocks Times:
Stu Stephens, 2 hours, 17 minutes; Brian Dodd, 1:30; Jason Roman, 2:09; Jill Cox, 2:29; Ken Cox, 2:29; Karen Boyce, 2:17; Tim Bourcy, 1:50; Mike Korsmo, 1:50; Scott Logan, 2:30; Katherine Nelson, 2:30; Jaime Welfelt, 1:18; Kyle Rosendale,1:18; Jan Tronrud, 2:12; Russ Fulmer, 2:11; Shane Sims 2:55; Danny Brady, 2:55; Jeff Brady, 2:55; Jon Sey, 1:30; Dave Schirokauer, 1:29; Nathan Crockett, 1:35; Mike Konsler, 1:31; Sam Matz, 1:35; Amber Johnson, 1:42; Aric Baldwin, 54 minutes (fastest); Sabrina Hamilton, 1:42; Kristen Wheelwright, 3:29;
Su Rappleye, 2:46; Dottie Demark, 2:46; Alex Fritz, 3:29; Angela Fritz, 3:29; Andy Mueller, 1:10; Aaron Oberland, 1:45; Joanne Korsmo, 2:28; Carol Bourcy-2:28; Lisa Hollander, 1:52; Este Fielding, 1:50; David Van Horn, 1:10; Lara Labesky, 1:56; Kelly Daigle, 1:32; Dennis Bousson, 1:56; Nate Weiler, 1:37; Filippe Mendez, 1:04; Daniele Sakry, 1:37; Bruce Weber, 2:00; Cara Cosgrove, 2:00; Alex King, 1:11; Adam Quamme, 2:45; Chelsea Alexson, 3:45; Ellie Christian, 2:45; Bree Halax, 2:45; Max Jewell, 1:06; Sherry Corrington, 2:55, Nicki Bunting 2:55; Sunday Ballew, 2:55.

Zack Wassman beat his personal record on Sept. 17 by about 2 minutes. - James Poulson,
Sitka Daily Sentinel

Skagway runs first race in Sitka, prepares for XC regionals


In its first meet of the season in Sitka last weekend, the Skagway boys came in last with a score of 298, and the girls, with just three runners, did not have a full team to place.
“It was a huge race as far as Southeast standards,” said cross country coach Kent Fielding. “And it can be intimidating. For most of the team, this was their first meet.”
There were 138 boys who participated in the race, five from Skagway, and Fielding said two Skagway runners beat their personal records.
Zack Wassman beat his previous time by about 2 minutes and Blake Fletcher, by about one minute, he said.
There were 76 girls running in the meet, three running for Skagway School.
Fielding said Jade Cook set a personal record at the meet.
“Her goal was to break 30 (minutes) this year, and she ran just over 29,” Fielding said.
To prepare for Saturday’s regional meet in Ketchikan, Fielding said they are tapering their practices.
“They’re going to keep running, but we’re going to lessen the work outs,” he said. “They need to really feel refreshed and ready to run their best race on Saturday.”
The Skagway runners will be competing with just 1A-2A-3A competition this week, so it will improve their chances for moving up in the standings. If any make it into the top 10, they will earn a trip to the state meet in Anchorage Oct. 1.

Sitka meet place/times for Skagway runners:
Boys - 66. Zack Wassman, 20:35.73; 82. Danny Moore, 21:15.36; 83. Donovan Henson, 21:18.18; 113. Blake Fletcher, 24:10.93; 127. Jake Grieser, 29:44.93.
Girls - 53. Hannah O’Daniel, 26:23.97; 68. Zoe Wassman, 28:57.50; 69. Jade Cook, 29:03.40.

UPDATE - No runner from Skagway qualified for State this year. The fastest SHS girl at regionals in Ketchikan was Rori Leaverton in 17th place, while the fastest boy was Airk Cochran in 30th. See story in Oct. 14 issue.

Whi-Sky Cup settled on last hole

The 19th annual Whi-Sky Cup golf tournament came down to the wire again, with the Canadians from Whitehorse prevailing 10.5 to 9.5 over the Americans from Skagway.
The Whitehorse golfers were up two matches after the first day of “best ball” play in the rain on Sept. 9. On the second day, a little more spice was added with a two-man scramble under sunny skies. The Skagway golfers pulled even with their counterparts, only to see the lead slip away as the final group came in.
“You guys can have it back,” said Skagway captain Mitch Snyder as he turned over the trophy. “You know, this is the worst part of this whole scenario. As much as I love every one of you, I hate every one of you. So it’s with our dubious pleasure to give you back the Whi-Sky Cup.”
Whitehorse captain Gary Acorn accepted the trophy back, noting that next year will be the event’s 20th anniversary. Only in recent years, with a handicap system in place to give the Skagwegians a better shot, have the Americans been able to wrestle it away a few times.
Acorn thanked Skagway co-captain Dan Henry for setting up the food for this year’s event, which was outstanding: steak and crab on Friday night, and burgers at the turn on Saturday.
The event was moved to September this year after its usual spot in mid-July was relinquished for a hospital fund drive tournament at Mountain View Golf Club. Snyder said they had no problem with that, but would prefer getting back to a mid-summer slot next year. If it’s not available, then he said it might be time for something new and different.
“Maybe we could go to an even later date and move it south,” he said.
“Meadow Lakes?” chimed a Yukoner. “Watson Lake?”
Nope, Snyder said, more like Vegas or Arizona or somewhere that’s sunny in November.
“It was another great year, did everyone have fun?” he said, receiving a positive response. “Yeah, the Canadians were so lucky, you wouldn’t believe it.”
And the talk turned to next year and who was going to play better in the desert, even if it’s the Carcross desert. – JB