Lawn lounging in the Yukon sun after finishing the Klondike Road Relay. Katie Emmets


 From the shelter of the tour shack:
"Do the whales come out in the rain?”
"How much is the $2.00 tour?"
Lady comes into the visitor center and asks where the potty is? She said she had seen it the past two years when they had walked back to the ship. The staff finally realized she was asking about the money “toilet” in the gazebo that used to be in front of Pullen Creek RV Park.
In the warming shelter at Happy Camp on the Chilkoot Trail, a woman who was talking too much and irritating other, very tired hikers, then went a bit over the top talking about her accommodations in Skagway. First, she said "Our hotel is either called the Sheep Camp or the Lake Bennett Hotel." When asked if she meant the Skagway Inn, she stated, "Our hotel used to be a brothel. But, you know, most of the buildings in Skagway used to be brothels."

OK, so not much for the last couple weeks. Let’s all get out there and sniff out some wind on Friday for one last go-round. Then subscribe to the SNews for the winter and see what us locals do for fun when the snow flies… Love, The Windy One