A visitor (right) who believes she lost her credit card in the cracks of the boardwalk watches as another visitor tries to take digital photos of the ground to help in the search. Despite the efforts of the city parks worker Frank Wasmer and others, the card was never found, and she acknowledged that it may have fallen somewhere else. – Elise Decker

-Heard on the Wind-

Here we go, the almost last hurrah...

Two tourists trying on jackets in Skagway:
“It must be the air. I’m getting cold again.”
“Well, you’re at a higher altitude.
A woman on a tour said she went whale watching in Juneau yesterday and the weather was “just as nice on the lake” as it was in Skagway yesterday.
“We saw some hunchback whales.”
A woman asked, as she looked up to the high line section of the railroad and saw another train up there, “Is that our train?”
Overheard from a tourist asking the proprietor of the Back Alley Rock Shop, “Is it too far to walk to the Tanzanite mine?”
“Have I been to Ketchikan yet?” a customer asked a worker behind the counter.
“I’m not on your ship, so I wouldn’t know,” the clerk replied.
Then the next customer walks up and asks, “Do you think my mother will like this?”
“The last time I talked to your mom, she said she’d love a sweater,” replied the all-knowing clerk who had never met the mom.
“How far is it to Fairbanks?” a visitor asked
“I’m not sure but you can ask across the street at the visitor center,” replied the clerk.
“You don’t know the distance to the next town?”
A woman stopped at the Pullen Creek RV Park and asked, “Is this the end of the pier?” Another asked, “Where is Pier 15?”
Food for thought...
“Does birch syrup taste like maple?”
“Kelp pickles – is that a fish?”
“Is salmonberry jam made with salmon eggs?”
“Do you have queen salmon?”
“Do I go up the valley to get below sea level?”
“Is this a town or just a tourist trap?”
“How long have you been here?”
“Fifteen years.”
“And you look so normal.”
So many questions and not enough answers. Surely there must be some. Just three days to go....