Skagway’s Paige Hahn runs hard for the Haines finish line with Amanda Jensen hot on her tail. Matt Davis, Chilkat Valley News

Regionals up next for X-C runners

Promising middle school runners and a solid current team indicate the Skagway cross-country seasons will strengthen with time.
Tomorrow the team will race in Juneau for the regional competition. There are hopes that Mickey Wilson, Amanda Jensen, Paige Hahn and Emily Herbig will finish in the tope 10 and make state. The high school team is dedicating the race to Lee “Toogie” Hartson Jr., an alumni of the school and former head basketball coach.
“It’s a way to connect them to the community and think about running beyond the personal effort,” said coach Kent Fielding, on the practice.
On Oct. 2 Skagway will host a middle school race at 5 p.m. Juneau will bring 38 runners to compete, said Fielding, adding that he hopes the Haines team and home-schooled middle school students will run as well. At press time the course had not been determined.
Heart rate monitors the school acquired in the beginning of the season helped Fielding develop appropriate workouts. Kids showed up at the first practice who hadn’t run this summer, and the monitors prevented Fielding from overworking them right off the bat. Next summer Fielding plans on developing a “300 mile club” where team members will get t-shirts proclaiming their membership if they log in 300 miles over the summer.
Having three top runners in Southeast Alaska (Hahn, Herbig and Jensen) as freshmen leads Fielding to look forward to the future. “That’s exciting for next year,” he said.

Haines results:
The Panthers ran an intense 3.1 miles through a rock quarry and woods at a Haines-hosted cross-country meet on Sept. 8.
“This course wiped some runners out,” said Fielding, noting the course contained four steep hills. “There’s a reason the Haines team is really strong,” he added.
Of all schools that competed at the Haines meet, Skagway had the most middle school students running.

Boys: 6. Mickey Wilson; 14. Quinn Weber
Girls: 6. Kaitlyn Srudyk; 7. Paige Hahn; 8. Amanda Jensen; 11. Emily Herbig; 16. Jessie Ellis; 25. Sydney Brown.

Petersburg results:
Sierra Moran and Shelby Surdyk beat their personal records by over two minutes, said Fielding. Other PR’s include Mickey Wilson, Tom Littlefield and Jake Henricksen.

The boys team made tenth place overall with a score of 238.
Boys: 8. Mickey Wilson,18:30.63; 18. Quinn Weber,19:38.59; 51. Tom Littlefield, 24:59.57; 53. Jake Henricksen, 26:03.24; 56. Trevor Van Houten, 29:13.71.

The girls team made fifth place overall with a score of 100.
Girls: 2. Amanda Jensen, 22:17.18; 6. Paige Hahn, 22:36.90; 8. Emily Herbig, 22:48.92; 26. Sierra Moran, 26:45.09; 32. Shelby Surdyk, 29:41.65; 37. Kayla Henricksen, 33:10.33.

There was a pole in the course runners were required to go around, Fielding mentioned, noting that Hahn would have had a lower time, but when she inadvertently skipped it, the judges required her to start over and run the course again.