Skagway junior high runner Rori Leaverton sprints out in the lead of the girls race. Not far behind her are Christine Hansen, Amanda Jensen and Stoli Lende, who took the top three positions. JB

Skagway girls win local meet

The Skagway girls cross-country team not only outpaced rival Haines in the local meet on Sept. 7, it beat all-comers.
Granted, Haines’s best runner and Juneau’s top runners were up north in Palmer, but the Skagway team beat all the rest – soundly.
Haines’ Stoli Lende (19:50:99) and Christine Hansen (20:23:59) finished first and second, but Skagway landed its top five runners in the top 10. That’s how you win a meet.
Sophomore Amanda Jensen (20:39:33) and freshman Kaitlyn Surdyk (21:17:48) finished third and fourth respectively. Two Juneau runners and a Sitka girl were next, and then were followed by Skagway’s Rori Leaverton (21:45:60), Paige Hahn (21:49:16), and Emily Herbig (21:49:42).
Skagway finished with 36 team points, followed by Juneau with 48, Haines 58, Sitka 78, and Mt. Edgecumbe 104.
“This is a growing year, and we have a young girls team that is learning what it takes to become champions,” said Skagway Coach Kent Fielding. “I expect to take nine runners to State.”
Other Skagway girls times: Kaylie O’Daniel (13th) 22:21:32; Nikita Ford (35th) 27:01:31; Sierra Moran (37th) 28:00:34; Anna Korsmo (39th) 28:21:17; Kayla Henricksen (44th) 30:43:61.

Left, Mickey Wilson rounds the cone at the turn on the Dyea Road; right, Kaitlyn Surdyk screams in pain as she crosses the finish line in fourth place.

The boys race was won by Mt. Edgecumbe runner Nathan Horn-Raffaele (17:29:43), who led Sitka runner Torin Lehmann (17:53:64). Skagway’s Mickey Wilson (18:21:58) was right behind them at the turn on the Dyea road, but was feeling a bit sick and could not muster a strong finish. He ended up in eighth place. Quinn Weber (18:45:44) was the next Skagway runner in 13th place.
Both Skagway boys have a good shot at placing in the top 10 among small school runners at this weekend’s Southeast Regionals in Ketchikan. A healthy Wilson took fourth overall and was second among 1A-2A-3A runners at the Wrangell meet the week before, and Weber was ninth in that earlier race.
Without the Juneau varsity here, Sitka won the boys meet with 36 points, followed by Juneau with 60, Edgecumbe 66, Haines 70, and Skagway 66.
Other Skagway places and times: Logan Weber (34th) 21:24:91; Nathan Herbig (35th) 22:04:75; Brent Beckner (38th) 22:36:37; Lachlan Dennis (40th) 22:56:60; Tom Kirko (42nd) 23:52”49; Ian Klupar (43rd) 23:54:03; Jacob Henricksen (44th) 25:21:80.

UPDATE: The Skagway girls placed second to Haines at regionals and will compete at the State Championships in Palmer on Sept. 29. Mickey Wilson also qualified for the boys race at State. For results, go to Watch for complete story, times and photos in our Oct. 12 issue.

Box of Rocks
Still dumb after all these years
While no one seems to know the number of years Skagwegians have raced to the Upper Lake Cabin, race veteran Bruce Weber thinks the Box of Rocks has been going on for around 20 years. Former Skagway Mayor Tim Bourcy is credited with coming up with the race title. Only someone “dumber than a box of rocks” would race the 2.5 vertical miles Upper Dewey Lake.
This year’s informal race was held on Sept. 1 and included 24 participants, eager to prove they were indeed that dumb. All times were reported by the racers. The accuracy of the times is dependent upon the honor or creative license of the participants.
Dan Rowe 47:16, Michael Yee 53:00, Bruce Weber 1:08, Ethan Moe 1:12; Delani Moe 1:12, Nan Saldi 1:23, Kasandra Moe 1:29, Jessia Moe 1:29, Candace Cahill 1:33, Mike Korsmo 1:30, Justin Henry 1:37:55, Charlie Frizell 1:37:55, Wendy Anderson 1:45, Samantha Staley 1:50, Dakota Hankin 1:50, Sue McKnow 1:50, Journe Pare 1:50, Stew Stephens 1:56, Chris Nohrenhers 2:00, Sarah Red-Laird 2:20, Kristine Nata 2:20, Ani Drozdowska 3:39, Heather Martin 3:39, and Temsco Pilot Marty Kydlend 3:32 (disqualified for using a helicopter) and Sherpa assistant Jessica Medlin.