-Heard on the Wind-

A lady came in to the visitor center wondering if there was a danger of her car being blown off the road because they had heard the weather was bad (wind was blowing about 15 mph at the time). When told that there was no danger of that, she still wondered if it was possible to take “the other route,” not over the pass.
From the WP&YR ticket window: “I can’t say the price anymore, I’ve got ‘Carpal Tongue-al Syndrome.’”
And finally, from the Skaguay Alaskan Newsie front lines:
“Is that newspaper fresh?”
“Where is town?” – this is heard at all docks, all the time.
“We’re taking a tour since there’s no shopping here,” an Austalian visitor told an Newsie who tried to give his wife a paper.
“Your’re kidding. There’s lots of shopping here,” the Newsie replied, flipping over the paper and showing the visitors all the shops on the map. “These are mostly shops. Who said there was no shopping, the ship?”
“No – they said – back home. You know, the THEY brothers.”
They gladly took the paper and said THEY would stop downtown after their tour.

That’s all from US for the season, unless the last loads of visitors get caught by the wind filters. If THEY do, you know what to do...