Meet the Candidates for

Skagway Borough Assembly

Three are running for two 3-year seats on the assembly

Lisa “LC” Cassidy
Age: 39
Occupation: woodworker, tour guide
Education: graduate University of New Hampshire: Political Science, Art History, Environmental Science, life.
Years in Skagway: 16
Public Offices held: Skagway Planning and Zoning, Skagway City Council/Assembly.
Interests, Hobbies: outdoor adventures, cooking, woodworking

Thank you to Jeff Brady of the Skagway News for allowing me to share a few of my goals and comment on current issues. First, I would like to renew my commitment to working on the disposal of municipal lands, using sound planning for the future needs of residents and at the same time preserving our lands for all recreational uses. I am looking forward to working with the assembly, staff, and the public on the rewrite of the Skagway Comprehensive Plan, our opportunity to participate in setting our goals for the next ten years and beyond! Here are a few words on our ballot issues. The “hold the line budget” of the past, was directed at savings for our new clinic. Bonding for the clinic would enable us to free up these moneys and direct them towards other future capital projects, improvements in infrastructure, school, our recreation facility, emergency repairs, or whatever the community sees fit. Bonding will ultimately save Skagway thousands of dollars and be far more cost effective, as building costs rise yearly. Should we raise the sales tax? At this point in time I do not think that monetarily, Skagway, is on its last leg. I believe an increase will affect the selling power of our local businesses. Even though business is merely collecting sales tax for the city, the higher percentage makes the product to be sold less desirable to the buyer. A higher percentage during our busiest months will put more money in the Skagway coffers, but in the long term does this serve us well by possibly sending a negative message to those outside of Skagway who come and contribute significantly to our economy? And have you heard? The cruise ship head tax is here. Skagway will receive a check in November for only one month of our 07 season and the rest in State FY08. There will be hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions in the future to be used to offset the impact of our cruise ship industry here in Skagway. This money may be funneled into port development and possibly towards the construction of our new clinic, freeing up yet more money to meet the ongoing needs of our community. Let us not make a hasty decision. In closing, I thank you for the opportunity to represent you and would greatly appreciate your continued support.

Mavis Irene Henricksen
Age: Senior
Occupation: Retired
Education: 4 yrs. college, started with Education/Cultural Anthropology , then
changed to Business/Transportation and Management
Years in Skagway: 57
Public offices held: City Council/Parks & Recreation and Civic Affairs; Chair, Centennial Committee; Chair, Economic Development Committee.
Interests, hobbies: Government, Gardening, Stained glass work.

Not only did we go months without financial reports for last fiscal year, but once published, the reports contained numerous blatant errors. It appears the fund balance report is over $2,500,000 out of balance! Many other accounts report erroneous entries and balances. Our current budget was approved, but like the reports, are not in balance. Did they adequately review reports? No elected official has ever publicly addressed these critical issues. This goes beyond fiscal irresponsibility!
Lease holders continue to reap financial benefits from the assembly’s inconsistencies in leasing. This is not fair to the taxpayers of Skagway.
Taxpayer funds exceeding half a million dollars have been gifted to the Skagway Development Council since it’s inception, with minimal community benefit.
While our summer economy is thriving, the plight of our year-around economy must be a priority. Our school’s enrollment and year-round population continues to shrink. We need reasonably priced starter housing and support for year round businesses!
We need to identify areas of possible economic development and come up with ways to develop them.
This involves long-term planning, regular evaluation of the plan and sticking to the plan. Our present economy are the tour ships which are a very volatile economy and is touted as environmentally friendly, but it is not as friendly as it may appear. Economic development in our case, also involves people who believe there are economic development opportunities – it takes believers!
I’ll no doubt suffer the consequences for stating the facts, but being politically correct isn’t my goal. Too many public issues are being decided without public airing. Apathy and self interests continue to dominate the actions of our assembly. I vow that if elected, I will address public issues at the assembly table. I will hold myself and other public officials accountable. For my biography and documentation supporting above and other issues, either read the letter I’m sending out or please access my website at
I am running for an assembly seat because I want Skagway to have a future, but believe without some major changes, the future is on very shaky ground! Our economy seems to make major changes every 20 to 40 years and we are at the 20-year mark with our present economy.

Mark Schaefer
Age: 44
Occupation: Manager
Education: High school diploma, Sacramento City College Aviation Technical School.
Years in Skagway: 29
Public offices held: Skagway Municipal Assembly, Skagway Ports and Harbors Advisory Committee, Past Exalted Ruler Skagway Elks #431.
Interests, hobbies: Outdoor activities/sports, Gardening, Lutherie.

I am again asking for your support in the next election for the Skagway Borough Assembly. After only four months serving on the assembly I am running again. I have and will continue to be committed to this community, it is a good place to live with my family.
I am still committed to a fair government that represents the people of Skagway and not my own opinions or agenda. I need to hear your opinions on issues to make decisions.
I continue to support the comprehensive plan that promotes our basic qualities of life in our school and in public safety, in public works and recreation with fiscal responsibility in mind.
I support access to our community for the development of a strong, healthy and balanced economy for the people here.
I would like to continue to be involved in Skagway’s future. There are important issues on the ballot and I am asking you to go vote.
I am also asking for you to please vote for Mark Schaefer on October 2, 2007.

One is running for one 3-yr. seat

Darren Belisle
Age: 40
Occupation: Lineman, Alaska Power and Telephone
Education: College
Years in Skagway: 15
Public offices held: School board last several years
Interests, hobbies: My family, fishing and camping

Current Board President Darren Belisle is running unopposed and did not submit a candidate statement for this election.