A nice Whitehorse couple stopped in for some cup cakes and asked, “When did it start getting so windy here?”
“Well…since it was a valley,” the proprietor replied.
“Oh no,” one of the visitors replied. “We’ve been here before. It’s never been this windy.”
A woman who saw a local resident filling a bottle with water from a garden hose asked, "Is that wine you're putting in there?"
Another commented, "I wonder why every store has those little bottles of gold in the water."
A woman walks into a downtown business and announces "Oh, I stumbled. I'm drunk."
Conversation with a woman who came into the rock shop:
"I thought this was a rock shop."
"It is a rock shop."
"I thought it was the kind of rocks you could eat!"
"You eat rocks?"
She left because there were no edible rocks. By the way, she had no teeth on the upper and lower right side of her mouth. Wonder why?
A lady walked into a shop where workers were dressed in period clothing.
“Do you work here?” she asked.
The worker, standing in a kids clothing shop, said she did.
“Do you sell lighters?” the customer asked.
“No, this shop frowns on giving kids those types of toys.”
After a delayed plane flight caused some people to miss their cruise ship’s Seattle departure, they tried to catch up with it in Skagway. Someone told them they could fly to Anchorage and then take a “three-hour bus ride” to Skagway. Not until they arrived at the Anchorage airport – and asked about the bus to Skagway – did they discover they had better fly to Juneau. They finally arrived in Skagway by ferry from Juneau, a day before their ship was due here.
“Are you having a drought?” asked a man with a Texas twang.
“No, in fact it’s been the rainiest summer I’ve seen in many years,” replied the local.
“Well then, why is the water so low in the lake? We noticed that when our ship came in.”
A visitor looking up at Mt. Harding across Skagway bay asked a driver, “Is that marble?”
A person looking at one of the markers in Centennial Park near the waterfront was upset that the elevation wasn’t posted somewhere.
Overheard in the hardware store: “Prices sure are higher here than in the states.”
A guide was talking about the omnivorous diet of bears and a great series of photos that a local photographer took of a bear that came out of the bush and killed two helpless kids while its mother, the nanny watched. The horrified visitor asked what she did, and was even more horrified to learn that she sold copies of the photos around town. It soon became obvious that the New Yorker was more familiar with a nanny and kids in the city, and not a mountain goat family in the wilds of our mountains.
A visitor asks where the Skagway Farmers market is, and is directed to the place. He then asks, "Is it local people?"
Finally, here’s some very cute wind from the Days of ’98 Show cast and crew:
During the famous “Soap Pitch” by Soapy Smith, an audience member yelled, “They give us all the free soap we want on the ship.”
After the show a guest asked the three can can dancers, “Are you three sisters?”
One girl replied, “Yes, they ship us up here in threes, and Jon Baldwin is our father and Michael Baish is our grandfather.”
And then, a three-year-old came up to the can can girl after the show and said her favorite part was the frilly underwear. Her mother informed the girls that she just bought her daughter a pink pair like the ones in the show. The little girl then stuck her head under one of the can can skirts and said, “See, you’re wearing them now!”

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