LEFT: Jeremy Simmons, anchor man for the WP&YR Highballers, is cheered on as he crosses the finish line of the Klondike Road Relay. Simmons is now a member of the Senator’s Cup club, having run all 10 legs of the race over the years. Katie Emmets

RIGHT: Josh Sims of Skagway Pizza Station’s Snafu picks up the pace so he isn’t passed again during leg 10. Trish Sims

All night camaraderie on the KRR


Seven Skagway teams joined 123 others to run from Skagway to Whitehorse overnight during the 2013 Klondike International Road Relay.
Parkies & Sproketheads was the quickest of any Skagway team participating in the relay, finishing in 24th place out of 130 teams with a time of 16 hours, 6 minutes and 9 seconds . The team came in fourth in the corporate division with Skagway Brewing Company following in fifth place with a time of 16:19:10. Alaska Excursions was 12th in the corporate division with a time of 17:43:57.
Duff’s Backcountry Outfitters came in 23rd in the open category with a time of 19:10:43.
The Skagway Westmark Tubesock Trotters came in 14th in the mixed division with a time of 16:22:57, WP&YR Highballers came in 25 in the mixed division with a time of 17:38:16, Skagway Pizza Station’s Team SNAFU came in 41st in the mixed division with a time of 18:44:07.

TOP: Jade Cook of Duff’s Backcountry Outfitters approaches the top of a hill during leg 9. Katie Emmets

LEFT: Arik Baldwin of Parkies and Sproketheads runs uphill during leg one. KE

RIGHT: The Westmark Tubesock Trotters pose for a picture after teammate John Dennison finishes the relay. KE

Though he’s run the relay before, this was Robert Murphy’s first time running with his company team, Alaska Excursions.
“I finished,” Murphy said of his leg one 8.8-mile run. “But I had a head cold and a sinus infection.”
Despite feeling sick the whole time, Murphy said the relay was a lot of fun, and he had a great team.
Because he was sick, Murphy made the decision to stay in Skagway after his run and not ride up to Whitehorse in the bus with his team so he wouldn’t run the risk of getting his employees sick.
He even went as far as not high-fiving anyone — almost.
“That was the plan,” he said with a laugh. “But then I accidentally gave some high fives out.”
Dan Zieman, captain of the Westmark Tubesock Trotters said his team, made up of Westmark Inn and Alaska Mountain Guide employees, changes its team name to something fun and different every year.
Last year, the team was called Westmark Wombat Bonanza.com, and the year before that, it was called Wicked Westmark Asphalt Warriors.
For his fourth year running the relay, Zieman ran leg three.
“That is the one they call the princess leg,” Zieman said with a laugh, adding that it was, in fact, difficult for him, as the Klondike Road Relay was the first time he had run all year.
Zieman said he likes the camaraderie of the relay and enjoys talking to members of other teams at the checkpoints.
So far, he has run a different leg each year, and he said he would like to run all ten.
But he’s nervous about running leg six, which is 16 miles.
“I don’t think I ‘m going to work that year,” Zieman joked. “I’m just going to come up and train so I can run that leg.”

LEFT: Skagway Brewing Company’s Beth Stanley runs through the cut off that takes her to the finish line with her team cheering her on in the background. KE

RIGHT:Alaska Excursions' Robert Murphy ran all 8.8 miles of leg 1 despite having a sinus infection. KE


Strong start in Haines for SHS runners
Next up are meets in Wrangell and Juneau


Several SHS runners cracked the top 10 in the 2A/3A division during the first race of the season in Haines last weekend.
Running with 4A teams from Juneau as well, the Skagway runners placed in the following positions:

Dominique Foote, 16:24.8 (5th overall, 2nd 2A/3A)
Ethan Goebel, 16:56.3 (8th overall, 4th 2A/3A)
Trevor Cox, 17:43.5 (15th overall, 7th 2A/3A)
Donovan Henson, 19:09.7 (33rd overall, 16th 2A/3A)
Colton Belisle, 19:28.6 (37th place, 17th 2A/3A)

Hailey Jensen ,21:53.3 (11th overall, 4th 2A/3A)
Al Weber 26:24.1 (34th overall)
Dainean Teeluk 26:39.6 (35th overall)

Coach Kent Fielding, in an update on the team’s Facebook page, said everyone ran a PR (personal record) for the distance.
Foote’s time beat the old Skagway record set by Mickey Wilson in 2008 (16:31).
The team’s next meet is this weekend in Wrangell, where there will be additional teams from the southern part of the region.
“The team, everyone, ran exceptionally well,” Fielding said this week. “I'm not sure what will happen in Wrangell, but Wrangell should tell me where we stand as a team (for the boys) and as individuals. We're hoping to qualify at least a few students in Sitka (regions) for State.”

After Wrangell, both the junior high and varsity teams then travel to Juneau. The junior high race is on Sept. 19 and the varsity race is on Sept. 21.

Skagway School to have boy’s and girl’s basketball teams


For the first time since 2011, the Skagway School will have boy’s and a girl’s basketball teams.
At the school’s August 22 Alaska Association of Student Athletes Standards meeting, eleven girls wrote their names on a list to show their interest in being on the team.
“I think our team shows promise because of our early-developed team chemistry and hard work this summer,” said Hannah O’Daniel, captain of the girl’s basketball team.
Girls who were interested in being on the basketball team got together during the summer months for open gym and played a few times a week.
The basketball season begins on December 2 for both girls and boys and goes until the region tournament in Ketchikan, which is the first weekend March. If either team gets first or second place at regionals, they will have the opportunity to attend the state competition on March 15-19 in Anchorage.
“We’ve got a pretty young team, but the quickest team I’ve seen in awhile,” said Kent Fielding, coach of the boy’s basketball team, “I think it’s going to be a good year for both girls and boys.”
The district is currently seeking a girl’s coach.